Creation Museum Highlight Tweets 1:30-6:30pm

Creation Museum Highlight Tweets 1:30-6:30pm August 7, 2009

Earlier today I liveblogged the highlights of the first 5 hours of Creation Museum discussion from the official twitter feed of PZ Myers and the Secular Student Alliance Trip (#Creozerg). Click here for those highlights.

Now this thread features the rest of the major tweeting from the afternoon, picking up where I left off with tweets in descending order from oldest to newest (with a few moved for continuity). And please when you’re done, stick around and check out my regular Camels With Hammers posts on philosophy, ethics, and atheism!  The right hand of the screen offers a long list of my original remarks.

Creation Museum Kid Kicked Out

lerogue @antangil this way madness lies… #creozerg –Never felt worse for two dummies in my life.

Children Dummies At Creation Museum

cj_wood @lerogue Wait, I thought those were real creationists… #creozerg

pzmyers: The pompous twit hassling Rodgers was none other than mark looy #creozerg

Mark Looy at Creation Museum

RobsterFCD PZ is now an official Kentucky Colonel. #creozerg

Matt_Hone #CreoZerg I would understand someone getting kicked out for a swear on their t-shirt. But the Ariane Sherine slogan? How is that offensive?

the_sun_and_i The theme park sounds disappointingly stupid. Was a good time had by all, at least? Will a good time be had later this evening? #creozerg

noisician “Adam sinned so you could enjoy bacon.” – revelation from outing to Ham’s Foley creation museum #CreoZerg

LouFCD Loving the comments of the visit to the Creation “Museum” by the Secular Student Alliance: #creozerg

Akuma9 #Jesus is getting #PWNED by the #CreoZerg. And You #Christ worshipers actually believe this #FAIL. Give it up, The Dark Ages are over.

pzmyers @CRVW1607 They kicked him out, but it was as we were leaving anyway #creozerg

dreikin Watching #creozerg & wishing I was there. Be interesting to see how my smart conservative christian grandfather would react to the museum…

mephikristiles #creozerg #cmtour It’s that bad. They’ve got some seriously offensive crap up.

antangil #creozerg from inside a full-scale model of 1% of the Ark. Presumably the speakers were aftermarket.

Creation Museum Ark

acrossthebridge “Adam sinned so I could have bacon” t-shirts requested, t-shirts made: #creozerg

DoubtingFoo #creozerg They shouldve worn bible quote shirts like “Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.”

lousycanuck @pzmyers I thought that was John Lithgow!! #creozerg

Avatar1_normal Kimbo_Jones so how long until selective memory prevents the museum folk from realizing atheists are nice people? #creozerg

CRVW1607 RT @303dk This makes my head hurt #creozerg

antangil #creozerg And this one explains it all. If you can believe this, the rest will follow.

Creation Museum Key Gods Word

antangil #creozerg the wife, beside a particularly pertinent quote

Creation Museum Scoffers

otakursed Fragging WANT! #creozerg

(Camels With Hammers note: hilarious Adam sinned so I can eat bacon t-shirt if you follow that link above)

antimattr Seems like the tour of the Creation “museum” was awfully short. Apparently there’s not much to see? I’m shocked!

Kimbo_Jones RT @nojesusnopeas: #creozerg: The “How to turn ‘Jews’ into ‘Greeks'” nonsense explained:
cj_wood @pzmyers “the only surprise was how intellectually dead the place was” 300 rational thinkers? its got to be an intellectual record #creozerg

SpontOrder #creozerg stop whining about the money, they spent the museum spent it all on extra security.

antangil … But it’s not us doing it! #creozerg

Worlds Not Safe

alaneckert #creozerg So did all of the carnivores have to sign an oath of vegitarianism to be able to get on Noah’s Ark? Or was there a great “un-sin”?

303dk ok, wtf is that? RT @antangil … But it’s not us doing it! #creozerg

NeuroPunk @303dk That’s what’ll happen if everyone suddenly believes in evolution and turns atheist! #CreoZerg

antangil #creozerg the door picture was part of the “what happens without god” section

otakursed Funny how that flood “hypothesis” of theirs doesn’t validate any of the other myths that incorporated that into the story #creozerg

calebcoch #creozerg No dinosaur with a saddle? Did they remove everything else that was rediculous? Did you see anything that wasn’t bolted down?

antangil a bit more of the propaganda from #creozerg

Creation Museum Gods Word is TrueCRVW1607 Every point on this board is incorrect. And yet, they still call it “truth”. Amazing. #creozerg

seelix That was a beautifully constructed, impeccably “designed” load of crap. #creozerg

N566237496_1381649_1821_normal antangil #creozerg more Adam-bashing:

Creation Museum Red Tooth and Claw

brentrasmussen #creozerg – Not to worry folks. Ken Ham is praying for you.

regardless of their attitude, they will hear the message of biblical authority and the gospel. We pray God will open their hearts to the truth—even though, like those in Romans 1, they “suppress the truth in unrighteousness.”

regardless of the creation/evolution issue, these people oppose anyone who believes in God, regardless of whether they accept Genesis as literal history.

lerogue @antangil #creozerg “Cosmic Aging”? — *insert “Scanners” explody pic here*

Creation Museum cosmic agingantangil #creozerg Adam-bashing was a recurring theme, sadly.

Creation Museum WeedsNeuroPunk @antangil So we have Adam to thank for weed…err I mean weeds??? #CreoZerg

cyberlizard RT @antangil: #creozerg Adam-bashing was a recurring theme, sadly. < Surprised they weren’t blaming it all on Eve.

cj_wood I hear the creation museum’s number have been down recently, what with their flock being busy with town hall meetings… #creozerg

lewd_intentions If it’s all Adam’s fault, why don’t men have periods? #creozerg

lynnwilhelm @NeuroPunk #creozerg Eve isn’t mentioned because women were chattal and the responsibility of men–I’m sure that’s why it’s “Adam’s sin”.

Scrabcake #creozerg @lynnwilhelm how come being chattel has never let me abdicate responsibility for stuff?All of the downsides & none of the upsides.

Ibis3 RT @antangil: #creozerg Adam-bashing was a recurring theme, sadly. //Adam sinned so I could use a weedwhacker.

antangil #creozerg how bout a bit of flood-type humor? Lava? Really?

Creation Museum Ark 2Headbhang #creozerg What?! No weed before Adam’s sin!? And they called it the Garden of Eden?? Pffft.

N566237496_1381649_1821_normal antangil Hooray for Grand Canyon arguments… #creozerg s should like this for pure familiarity.

Creation Museum Flood

lerogue RT @antangil #creozerg how bout a bit of flood-type humor? Lava? Really? — My inner geologist just died.

jnorman67 #creozerg Have the “scientists” at Ham’s Follies discovered the pillars that hold up the heavens?

or_mabinogi wha? RT @CRVW1607: All that tectonic movement must have caused some seriously choppy waters for the Ark! #creozerg

Creation Museum Flood Rearranges earth

antangil #creozerg Hyper-canes. Like hurricanes, but apparently yellow.

Creation Museum Hypercanes

NeuroPunk RT @antangil: #creozerg Hyper-canes. Like hurricanes, but apparently yellow. [the stoopid, it DOES burn!]

CRVW1607 Haha RT @antangil #creozerg so _that’s_ how you’re supposed to do it…

Creation Museum Fossilsjennifurret apparently the museum took a photo of my license plate cuz i have liberal bumper stickers #creozerg

antangil #creozerg they do it completely backwards, and it makes them so proud…

Creation Museum World and Wordpzmyers Face moment on #creozerg : dinos labeled Jurassic (2483BC), Cretaceous (2483BC)…love the accuracy and the pointlessness.

tmtek #followfriday: @antangil He killed it today at the #creozerg ! Great work!

WilliamKilgore #creozerg Creation Museum – tracing the fortunes of The Scotts Company to the sin of Adam

CRVW1607 Best. Statue. Evar. RT @antangil #creozerg unrelated, but an amusing pic from the trip home. Melting Jesus!

holydust Quick! Throw him a life line! He’s made of stone! #creozerg

Creation Museum Made of Stone

pzmyers #creozerg weird moment: they have a big display pushing Hamite theory of African origins. Sneaky racism prob sails over most visitors heads.

rationalbehavio RT @antangil: #creozerg here’s the classic flood/fossil argument, in convenient chart form.

Creation Museum Fossils FloodTheEvilOther @pzymyers: Also, Eve is very hot in a dark haired Nordic way / Adam: ‘Yeah, I took the apple… Meh… *So* worth it…’ #creozerg

cj_wood Epic RT for GREAT JUSTICE @pzmeyers #creozerg Also, Eve is very hot in a dark haired Nordic way. Insight: Eden must have been in SwEDEN.

johnjsal Eating the forbidden fruit is the greatest thing that happened to humanity…it gave us knowledge! (Ok, it didn’t REALLY happen!) #creozerg

andyinsdca @pzmyers Hey, saddles are only 4000 years old, how can you have a saddle and a dinosaur at the same time? #sarcasm #creozerg

mosssm It is like a natural history museum went bizarro. I kept checking all the animals for goatees. #creozerg

islanddave so Noah’s Flood was so forceful it carved out the Grand Canyon, but was calm enough that fresh and saltwater didn’t mix. #creozerg

Were saddled dinos pre-Applegate (the Fall)? If so, where did the leather for the saddles come from?

rtpt #liberal bumperstickers #creozerg ..a dead fish skeleton…”Militant Agnostic: I don’t know and neither do you” are good ones I have seen

islanddave Garden of Eden porn & #creozerg

creation museum adam and evecreation museum adam and eve2

maradydd @islanddave The Garden of Eden sure has a lot of birch trees. Maybe PZ’s onto something with that Sweden idea! #creozerg

nojesusnopeas Evidence not only that Ken Ham is a plagiarist… It also turns out dinosaurs were Jewish!


lerogue @healthyaddict – I rode the dino too! #creozerg — Nice!

Lerogue on dino

jbcrail Obviously there’s some confusion here. Natural selection is one mechanism in how evolution works. #CreoZerg

Creation Museum On Bacterial Evolution

monkeysfrommars Wow. Just. Wow. RT @jbcrail: Never heard this argument before. #CreoZerg

Creation Museum Rafting

And, finally, PZ Myers on the Triceratops:

PZ Myers On Dinosaur Video of PZ Myers on the Dinosaur

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