Gay Marriage Responsible For Drought

Gay Marriage Responsible For Drought August 12, 2009

This is why we need faith-based arguments in the public square.  How would any rational 21st Century person be able to divine such important truths as Mike Heath figured out for us if it weren’t for the input of faith?

in recent days, we are all taking more notice of the sky for the simple reason that all is not well with the weather. Friends known for their high-spirits seem remote and gloomy. Our gardens droop low as if worn out and saddened.  Bird and beast stay close to home, and when they do venture out, they too, seem peevish and sullen.

What is missing is the sun, God’s emblem of cheerfulness and benevolence.

Our crops are faring like our moods. The potato crop is blighted, and corn and fruit fields wither. In one historic building in Augusta, rain flooded the basement, as water from another source poured down through the ceiling and extinguished a century-old chandelier.

Few people would be bold enough to suggest the cause of the endless rain and gloom, that the moral climate in Maine has caused the sun to hide its face in shame.

Worse than the rain is the fact that Maine voted in homosexual “marriage.”

In May, our elected officials overturned a law of nature, and in its place paid honor to evil and unnatural practices. Our leaders allowed a cloud of error to hide the light of reason, and then the rain began. How fitting that this eclipse of human reason is mirrored by the disappearance of the sun!

What darkness equals the error of saying a family should be headed by two mothers or two fathers? What error equals saying that two women can be married, or two men? I am not saying that homosexuals or the gay rights movement are to blame for the weather. Far from it!

The fault lies with a refractory governor and Legislature who imposed an immoral law on our people.

But what we need even more in the public square is inter-faith dialogue.  I want to hear the cases that could be made by Indian villagers that it is we haven’t been arranging frog marriages or possibly that we haven’t sent our nation’s daughters plowing the fields naked in order to shame our God into making it rain. Maybe this isn’t an issue of gay marriage at all.  What’s important is a debate that takes into account all these various faith perspectives as part of leading us to the truth about what we are doing to make it stop raining or not doing to make it start.  Because it’s got to be something.

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