Heath Ledger’s Modest Mouse Video—“King Rat”

Heath Ledger’s Modest Mouse Video—“King Rat” August 5, 2009

teh awesome:

Love the brilliant song, love the brilliant video, love the combination of two awesome names with warm fuzzy connotations never before associated together.  Just makes my night—no, my summer—-NO, my LIFE.  Heath Ledger + Modest Mouse.  It’s like someone reached into my “favorites” section of my brain and just started plucking out random favorites to go together.  Next it will be or “Tom Petty + Natalie Portman” or “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind + Monet””Doritos + Whitewater Rafting”…. the possible inexplicable pairings are endlessly fun to think about.

Great stuff.

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