Liveblogging The Creation Museum Tour Twitter Feed Highlights

Liveblogging The Creation Museum Tour Twitter Feed Highlights August 7, 2009

Camels With Hammers pares down the first 5 hours of the twitter feed of visitors to the Creation Museum and offers you the highlights.  Start reading from the bottom of the thread for chronological flow and then join the real time discussion at #cregozerg.  Once you’ve read this thread be sure to check out my follow up thread highlighting the many high quality photos and tweets from 1:30-6:30pm.

And please stick around and check out my regular Camels With Hammers posts on philosophy, ethics, and atheism!  On the right hand of the top of the screen, you’ll find a long list of original remarks.

With no further ado, this morning’s liveblogging proceedings recapped in reverse chronological order:

antangil #creozerg it’s not that they gave silly explanations for things. It’s more like they simply decided not to bother explaining at all.

cyberlizard @pzmyers That was a surprise?!? #creozerg

nojesusnopeas @KittyBroadway: Ham sez Greeks are evolutionists, Jews are creationists, so Paul had easier time preaching to Jews #creozerg

pzmyers Rodger’s shirt said “there probably is no god, so stop worrying and enjoy your life”

pzmyers You didn’t miss anything–the only surprise was how intellectually dead the place was #creozerg

Scrabcake #creozerg @ymberlenis I’m surprised they didn’t censor out the word “lesbians” suppose intimation is whatever follows can’t be nonoffensive.

holydust *rolls eyes at how Ham totally stepped around the “you’re not alone” bus ad issue* So smug… #CreoZerg

ymberlenis Huh. “masturbating w/ bibles” is offensive. Who knew? RT @vkamutzki Hey, #CreoZerg folks! AiG is on to you…!

cj_wood #creozerg Ken Ham is praying for me! Don’t think too hard, Ken…you’ll get a wrinkle!

adhominin Oh, so *that’s* why it rains… #creozerg (via @hemantmehta) God must really hate the Irish.

WongoWoman Although… we do have the Holy Land Experience in Orlando. A theme park with tax exemption! hmmm I sense a plan brewing… #creozerg

nunezalejandro @rtpt Ok, this is evil: Eating a Cuttlefish Bacon Sandwich with Holy Crackers #CreoZerg

nojesusnopeas Argh, AiG responds to PZs post about the Iowa bus ad and completely misses the point. It’s like they don’t even read! #creozerg

303dk to the sky fairy or the jew zombie? RT @vkamutzki Hey, #CreoZerg folks! AiG is on to you, and they’re praying for you!

antangil #creozerg back in the car with the laptop; photo-spamming soon to come.

waterballoonist Adam Sinned T-Shirt #creozerg

Scrabcake #creozerg. That page from AiG….the stupid. it burns. My eyes are numb.

Kimbo_Jones what I’ve learned so far: the ice age had no ice in it, plants before sun, and the word “museum” needs to be used more sparingly #creozerg

WongoWoman This is the first time I’ve ever wished I was in KY #creozerg

Scrabcake #creozerg I thought that sin entered through a woman and that’s why we can’t have equal pay! You mean they’ve lied to me all this time?

RickGehlhaus PZ is wearing a tie with CrocoDuck!

OldCola don’t push the button! #creozerg

rtpt #creozerg …Bacon, bacon, bacon…IT’S BACON!

BigMama247 @OldCola = According to Rom. 5:12, sin entered through a man, so the original is still good! #creozerg

OldCola Eve sinned for the T-shirt with bacon RT @hbflyte RT @CRVW1607: “Adam sinned so I could enjoy bacon.” I want that on a t-shirt.

vkamutzki Hey, #CreoZerg folks! AiG is on to you, and they’re praying for you! Keep up the great live blogs. (Grr.Typos.) #atheist

Safias Wow people are saying my bacon comment should be a shirt, though changing one word. #creozerg

BigDumbChimp Is patiently waiting for a blow by blow description (hopefully with pics and vid) of the Squid / Dino epic battle

AndromedasWake @cj_wood Marvelous, thanks! I want more blurry iphone pics damnit! #creozerg

RickGehlhaus “Adam sinned so I could enjoy bacon.” Now i am extremely hungry for bacon. Thanks Devil!

foolfodder “Adam sinned so I could enjoy bacon.” : Apple goes with pork. More evidence of creation?

nondescriptdave @S_M_Iggs Simple, they all have rickets! Or was that the fossils…

S_M_Iggs Ok Ok, you can explain hail.. but how about PYGMIES + DWARFS!!?!

WongoWoman RT @cj_wood: @WongoWoman “How do they explain hail?” The water canopy collapsing, duh… ||Duh indeed…

rtpt RT @bdbdbdbd @WongoWoman how do you think volcanos erupt? || global warming theorists who eat bacon?

rtpt RT @bdbdbdbd @WongoWoman how do you think volcanos erupt? || global warming theorists who eat bacon?

Tanukun #creozerg So if Adam’s fall led to bacon consumption, does that make (Ken) Ham anti-ham?

CRVW1607 “Adam sinned so I could enjoy bacon.” I want that on a t-shirt. #creozerg

rtpt RT @WongoWoman @hemantmehta How do they explain hail? || the philosophy of homosexual Greeks eating bacon … #creozerg

@DoubtingFoo: @WongoWoman I thought hail was where I was going when I die? #creozerg|| only if you’re from the South – the deeeep South!

1:13PM: – I would so much love to see this!! #CreoZerg

1:12pm: otakursed lol, latest meme to assist in spreading thanks to #creozerg: Adam sinned so I could enjoy bacon.

1:12pm: camelshammers #creozerg Evangelicals blame philosophy, specifically Greek philosophy for screwing up our way of seeing the world, making it theoretical

1:11pm Tanukun Re the “Greeks to Jews” book: a brief explanation: starts halfway down the page. Warning: pro-creation blog!

1:07 hemantmehta: O, so *that’s* y it rains… #creozerg | y have any attempt at science? rains cuz god likes it wet

1;11pm: nojesusnopeas Hamm sez Greeks believe in evolution, Jews believed in Genesis – so turn “Greeks” into “Jews” = disprove evolution #creozerg

1:11pm: atheistyogi @Az_: #creozerg It comes from Cor 1:23 … //Yay I was right 🙂 No fundy can say I don’t know my Bible.

1:11pm: RickettsAM More details on the shirt, anyone? Btw, epic so far, keep it up. 😀

1:08pm: Magnifica The effective evangelism text is online : #creozerg

1:03pm: NeuroPunk ! Hassled and 1 kicked out?? the fundie’s patience is starting to wear thin??

1:03pm: Tanukun @hemantmehta Not just an Ice Age – a GREAT ice age! Bring the kids!

1:02pm: justncase80 @pzmyers They probably have Jesus towers blocking communications devices with magic.

1:02pm: BenKball @RickGehlhaus Didn’t the dinosaur adventure land get shut down? Owners owned on tax evasion lol

1:02pm: bronwynm23 @hemantmehta That’s how they suck you in; get out of there! #creozerg

1:01pm: atheistyogi @hemantmehta I think the “greeks” and “jews” thing could probably a reference to 1 Corintians 1:20-25, but I’m not for sure…

1:01pm: the_sun_and_i Did they convince you of the righteousness of their cause, PZ? 😉

1:01pm: hemantmehta What’s wrong with this book cover in the museum gift shop…? #creozerg

Effective Evangelism

1:00pm: limadean RT @hemantmehta: Can someone please explain this title in the museum gift shop? #creozerg

1:00pm: pzmyers Derek Rodgers hassled for his shirt

1:00pm: AtheistinWA @pzmyers welcome back to reality 🙂

1:00pm: AnthonyPKarosas AnthonyPKarosas @pzmyers On the 7th day, God created the Faraday Cage? You guys have chutzpah.

12:59pm: hemantmehta Anyone else find some of the Creationists here attractive? I get why they have 17 babies, that’s all I’m saying. Just me?

12:59pm:ricklend Since the CM exists, the Bible must be a great science text. What are you learning?

12:59pm: ketsuban @AndromedasWake Spawn more Overlords.

12:56pm: cafewitteveen Petting zoo is a grand time. #creozerg

creation museum petting zoo

12:55pm: jennifurret someone with a video camera just got kicked out #creozerg

12:56pm: pzmyers Aaargh! No phone reception inside museum…out now.

12:56pm: samiahurst A great example of memetic reproduction, isn’t it? RT @MichelPoisson #creozerg Creationists not creative? They have evolved as parrots.

12:55pm: didaclopez #CreoZerg. You evolutionists in the Creation Museum. Be prepared to see how hyperevolution worked just after the Flood splitting all baramin

12:53pm: iSylvan Loving all the brilliant #CreoZerg posts. “Go forth, and research Carapace!” <– LOL (via @AndromedasWake)

12:53pm: samiahurst Ooops, plants came before DNA…no creator is perfect RT @OldCola RT @tmtek:

12:46pm:mephikristiles #creozerg #cmtour Quote Jen: “It’s beautiful [outside at the museum]. Scary. But beautiful.

12:43pm: threeminus23 Hooray for the Secular Student Alliance and PZ! Have fun storming the castle, boys.

12:42pm: arensb @ymberlenis Creationists NEVER have any new arguments.

12:42pm: NeuroPunk @ymberlenis I know, but creationists not very “creative”…

12:41pm: nunezalejandro @RobsterFCD Maybe they think “God Blocked the phone signals” instead of “this buiding is a Faraday Cage”

12:39pm: CRVW1607 The reason why no one was tweeting – @RobsterFCD said the building interfered with reception.

12:38: KristinMuH Wish I were there! You’re a real horde now. *glows with pride*

12:37pm:  LaughingMan42 So did God give them different teeth for the lulz, or did the teeth change after Adams sin?

12:36pm samiahurst It seems that God ALWAYS hated lettuce!

12:37pm: samiahurst Look at the breakdown by age! RT @ymberlenis #creozerg RT @pewresearch evolution through natural selection

12:37pm: RobertFCD Eating at Dino cafe. Brought lunch. Make sure you send SSA your stupidity sequestration credits.

12:35pm: tekhiun @RobsterFCD no no no they lost their feathers after adam ate the apple, get your facts straight =p

12:37pm: RobsterFCD The Dino with saddle is Here! But reserved for 12 and under. Does shoe size count?

12:35pm: johnjsal Saddled dino is unfortunately not there:

12:32pm: RobsterFCD Everyone is well behaved. To the concern trolls, noted and dismissed.

12:31pm Niall142 I wish I was going on this trip! DAMN YOU, ATLANTIC OCEAN!!

12:29pm RobsterFCD None of the theropods had feathers! That’s what you get for buying secondhand dinos.

12:28pm RobsterFCD The men in white movie was histerical. The creos have nothing new. It’s all old lies. Salt in ocean. Helium in zircon.

12:28pm johnjsal @BigDumbChimp This article says you can photograph kids/post pics: Note they CANNOT take your pictures away

12:27pm EigenAuction Curiously apropos #CreoZerg – RT @pewresearch: 87% of scientists say humans evolved, 32% of the USA public agrees.

12:27pm hemantmehta Just thought you’d all like to know: we surpassed 300 people in our group!

12:23pm: DaibhidhF #creozerg and then they suddenly realise why they’re so good at chasing things, stop hunting cabbage and start eating gazelles.

12:23pm: vonkrieger @DaibhidhF #creozerg They were just biding their time, waiting for the all clear from the Big G to start chomping.

12:23pm: tekhiun @DaibhidhF and did they just stopped eating it or did it take some time to pass that memo around ?

12:23pm: textsavvy This is too funny. Do they know that there’s a difference between a vegetarian and an herbivore? (

12:15pm: BigDumbChimp @cafewitteveen The kids pic thing is a load of Dino Dung.

12:15pm: nunezalejandro @pzmyers After you all leave the “Museum”, those guys will wipe the floor with “Holy Bleach” to clean the science odor.

12:14pm vonkrieger I’ve been waiting all morning for someone to say kekekekekekekeke in #creozerg

PZ Myers hasn’t tweeted in a long while so BigMama speculates:  12:14pm: BigMama247 I’m thinking @pzmyers must have ridden off into the sunset on the saddled dino

12:12pm Safias RT from many at #creozerg – Adam sinned so one day I could love bacon.

12:11pm artemis47 Vegetarianism for the win! RT @cazlab: This is brilliant. #creozerg – (That’s truly awesome!)

12:07pm tmtek RT @NQbass7 #creozerg (so eating meat is a sin afterall?)

12:07 cafewitteveen Security told me that if pictures I take of children at museum turn up online it’s a fellony

Poor Blaghag: 12:07pm: jennifurret nooo didnt get into the ‘ultimate proof of creation’!

12pm SheepNutz #CreoZerg is about to be on the news: @Local12

11:59am DaibhidhF #creozerg. Better descriptions pls! I can’t imagine WTF they have in a creation ‘museum’. Bits of when the earth was void and without form?

11:57am hemantmehta In line for the “Ultimate Proof of Creation” talk. Don’t think I’ll get in. Too many atheists in front of me.

11:56 am ymberlenis @rasp55 and a whole lot of innocent people in between #creozerg

11:53am lizditz RT @PozzSka: RT @sciencemama – how did adam have absolutely no body hair, but that EPIC beard?? #creozerg

11:52am rasp55 @ymberlenis – first his son, now his trees

11:50am ymberlenis @antangil – So many of God’s trees died for that nonsense…

11:46am jbcrail Finished the tour. No incidents as expected. Everyone was well-behaved. Can’t wait to see commentaries from biologists.

11:34am gooddrlaura RT @sciencemama: plants then sun – To be fair, plants can live 24 hours without sun. Gives moral superiority over day-agers.


BigMama247 Hubby suggests new name of “Hebrew Mythology Museum” #creozerg

11:28am ymberlenis Of course, I suppose the major flaw is that we are on the only habitable planet in the universe… right?

What Dinosaurs Originally Ate

11:27 ymberlenis Wow: exoplanet search strategy flawed, since habitable planets are created w/o a sun:

11:23 BlagHag: “That’s what she said”:

That's What She Said
That's What She Said

11:24am: sciencemama plants first,then sun:

^—-11:27 ymberlenis Wow: exoplanet search strategy flawed, since habitable planets are created w/o a sun

11:24am antangil #creozerg saddest pic of the whole visit:

Bookstore Creation Museum

eiskrystal on August 7, 2009
So many books, so little science.
BrianMLloyd on August 7, 2009
Should “Teen/Adult Bullshit” – “Random Bullshit” – “Children’s Bullshit” – “Home School Bullshit”
bdbdbdbd on August 7, 2009
pick a random book, open to a random page and count the scientific errors

chomskyinthesky About 300 atheists in a Creation Museum. Check Adam out, God either created him without body hair or he shaves his armpits. Tsk!

a3maniac Does anyone know what an Evolution Museum is called? That’s right… a Museum.

11:17 BlagHag:

“My new friend!”


idmillington @jbcrail: “Humans and dinosaurs together” #CreoZerg — If that’s not a metaphor for scientists visiting a creation museum!

11:12 lerogue RT @jbcrail: Humans and dinosaurs together– Mass hysteria. (No, really.)

11:07 PaulToronto Proof that Adam and Eve were White! RT @jbcrail: World’s first shower scene


cyberlizard @BigMama247 Because man-boobs are pleasing to god? #CreoZerg

11:15 BigMama247 RT @jbcrail: World’s first shower scene : Trying to figure out why God didn’t create Adam with firmer pecs

11:04 jbcrail World’s first shower scene:

Worlds First Shower Scene

10:37 From Hemant Mehta, Friendly Atheist

Dr Evilution


lerogue RT @jennifurret – Science is hard! #creozerg

"Science Is Hard"
"Science Is Hard"

10:24 am from BlagHag:

jennifurret – God was a caps lock troll #creozerg

10:08 from LibEvo

From  Twitterer LibEvo The Ultimate proof of Creation -
From Twitterer LibEvo The Ultimate proof of Creation -

10:07 BlagHag

jennifurret – God was a caps lock troll #creozerg

9:39: jbcrail Spotted a “Carl Sagan is my homeboy” shirt #CreoZerg 13 minutes ago from TwitterFon

9:36: mephikristiles #CreoZerg #CMTour Only passed 1 “Hell is Real” sign on way to creation museum so far. Should I be disappointed or pleased. 14 minutes ago from PockeTwit

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