Where Is Jesus’ Birth Certificate?

Where Is Jesus’ Birth Certificate? August 2, 2009

Truelogic, enlightened by the Birthers’ groundbreaking methodology for revealing birthplace conspiracies discovers that Obama is not the only one whose alleged birth circumstances are extremely dubious:

I did a little research on the Birthers’ claims and investigative methods and was very impressed with what I found–so impressed, I decided to test those methods out myself.The resulting investigation turned my world upside down.

You see, I thought I’d start out on someone I thought I knew better than I knew anyone else. That person is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The first thing I learned was that no one has ever produced His birth certificate. Sure, they say He was born in Bethlehem, but He’s never identified as a Bethlehemian after that. He’s always called Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus of Galilee.

Well, which is it: Galilee or Nazareth or Bethlehem? It’s as if the writers of the Gospels were intentionally trying to hide his birthplace? But why? Could he actually be Egyptian? We know he spent time there as a child. The authors of the Gospel would want to hide that because the Messiah was supposed to be born in Israel.

And then there’s His name: Jesus H. Christ. That’s Greek. Just the kind of name you’d expect to find in Ptolemic Egypt.

That, in itself, should be enough to raise serious questions about His divinity, but there is more. My research leads me to wonder if He was even a Christian.

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