The Draconian Rules At Pensacola Christian College

The Draconian Rules At Pensacola Christian College September 22, 2009

The Student Voice, an unofficial website for discussing Pensacola Christian College describes some of the creepy and invasive extents to which their restrictions and punishments go. Here’s a kind of punishment called “Shadowing:

Though not a specific punishment, it often accompanies the above disciplines. Shadowing is when a student is made to accompany a floor-leader or other PCC staff member 24 hours a day. He will sleep in the floor-leaders room, attend his classes (or sit in the dean’s office) and eat all meals with him. The student is allowed no interaction with any other student, with limited access to those outside the school (e.g. parents). The student is shadowed from the time he has been accused or suspected of a “serious” infraction until he is exonerated or punished. There is an implied “presumption of guilt.” Any student is vulnerable to having his life severely interrupted, possibly suffering exceptional emotional and spiritual distress as he is isolated, pressured, and scared, being made to feel guilty even when there is no reason.

It has been suggested that the rationale for this practice is to keep down rumors and “protect” the student body from this corrupt student. This is terrible justification and further illustrates how the administration does not want or does not believe its student body can think for themselves.

There is no mention of the shadowing policy in any material made available to the students or their parents.

The Student Voice finds PCC’s policy of shadowing to be completely immoral. It has been reported to us than the school claims that shadowing does not happen very often. This is a lie. Shadowing goes on weekly and probably daily. This policy must end, and we encourage all concerned parties to express there disgust to the PCC administration.

The whole document is a vicarious treat for those who enjoy imagining living under needless restrictions imposed by life-sucking fundamentalists.

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