Crazy Theories In The Creation Museum

Crazy Theories In The Creation Museum October 26, 2009

Paul visits Ken Ham’s creation museum and shares with us the top 7 baseless theories for which the museum did not even pretend to adduce evidence:

Just visited with the family. Tickets for one day were more than an annual family pass to a real science museum. And we had to pay extra for the planetarium show.

Everyone at the museum was very nice. And the displays were quite beautiful.

I’ve never been to a museum which presented so little information in so much space. The sum-total of the entire display space probably wouldn’t need a 10-page paper to explain everything in detail.

I kept looking for information at the petting zoo about the viability of the hybrids. There was none. I tried the “walking tour via cell phone” number to see if the were going to say anything interesting. It had just the speech about “kind” that you mentioned. After you listen to a section of that speech you can dial “10″ to hear the conclusion. Don’t bother.

Here’s my list of the top wild theories presented without any evidence:
1. The speed of light was different in the past.
2. Oceans should be saltier than they are now since the rate at which they accumulate salt is constant and should have, over billions of years, turned them into solid crystals of salt.
3. All of the layers of sediment in the paleontological record were put down in the flood. This one is amusing because just after that we learn that marsupials filled the earth first after the flood because they could carry their young and move faster. And this is why we find marsupials in the fossil record just after the dinosaurs went extinct. Excuse me? How did they get into the fossil record if there was no flood to dump thousands of feet of sediment on them?

4. Radioisotope dating must be wrong because the numbers disagree when different techniques are used. Several numbers were given showing dates for some material using different methods. They looked something like this:
850 (+/- 100) million years
1040 (+/- 120) million years
800 (+/- 60) million years
Anyone familiar with scientific measurements would conclude that these numbers are in good agreement. The errors given (that’s the plus and minus) part say that the measurement can only be considered to be approximate within that range above or below the number given. A measurement different by two or three times that “error” would be comparable. Such measurements are difficult to do perfectly. If you gave a blind man a straw and told him to use it to measure the length of a football field you would be pleased if he reported 80 yards. The answer is correct plus or minus 20 yards. The display wanted you to draw the conclusion that the numbers must all be wrong. In fact, for such a measurement they are all in excellent agreement.
5. I’m not a member of a racial minority here in the US. So perhaps it’s a little too big of me to be offended on behalf of others. I did appreciate that Moses and Abraham did appear to be Jewish. They were short, had large noses, and engaging eyes. Every other mannequin in the place (and character in the video dramas) was a white European. Noah’s daughters were rather gaunt-looking fashion models.
6. The animation of the flood waters covering the earth shows them shooting a few thousand miles into space. This is just a pet peeve about distance scale. I know what the artists were trying to show in that animation. If you compare the scale of the water spouts to the size of a continent you’ll easily see that the flood waters were being launched into a very high orbit.
7. The magnetic fields of the earth are decaying therefore they can’t have been around for billions of years protecting the earth from solar radiation. They like the theory that the speed of light can change, but they haven’t done their homework about the models of of the Earth’s core. Why couldn’t that have changed also?

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