A Challenge To Christians To Unqualifiedly Condemn Genocide

A Challenge To Christians To Unqualifiedly Condemn Genocide November 10, 2009

Christians who defend the Old Testament genocides are guilty of either relativistic authoritarianism (anything can be okay as long as God wills it and His will has simply changed from the Old Testament days to the New Testament one) or, possibly worse, theoretical agreement with all the normal justifications of genocide as long as God gives the go ahead.  ZJEmptv calls for Christians to end the wishy washiness on the subject of genocide and to unequivocally denounce it.  One would think this wouldn’t be so hard for those who adhere to the tradition that alleges itself the vanguard of moral truth and spiritual advancement. 

So, how about it, my Christian friends, can you say here and now that you condemn genocide in all its forms and for all justifications whatsoever or do you reserve the moral right of genocide for God either in the present or at least in the past?  Where do you stand on this most basic of moral questions?   Is denouncing genocide unequivocally less important to you than preserving the already shaky logical consistency of your admittedly unjustified  faith claims to the divine truth of the Old Testament writings and their general accuracy in communicating the mind and character of God?  And if your opposition to genocide can be so compromised, what does that say about your morality?


(via Dwindling in Unbelief, a fellow Planet Atheism blog)

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