The Hard Case Against Perpetual War

The Hard Case Against Perpetual War November 7, 2009

Salon’s Glenn Greenwald, an uncompromising, non-partisan champion of civil liberties and opponent of U.S. violations of the Geneva Conventions and the Constitution, sat down with Bill Moyers the end of last month and made a sobering case about the self-perpetuating character of war in America.  I feel very conflicted personally since even though I opposed conflict in Iraq from the start, I have always agreed with the thinking that Afghanistan was a necessary and morally justifiable fight to have.  Yet it is hard to know whether that’s all too convenient to an unstoppable war machine which will be sure to make some war look necessary at all times no matter what.  Is this a cycle we can break?  Is it one we want badly enough to break?

Wherever you stand on the political or military-industrial complex spectrum, Greenwald is peace’s most articulate and well-reasoned advocate and deserves to be heard out:

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