Scott Lively, American Who Fomented Ugandan Homophobia

Scott Lively, American Who Fomented Ugandan Homophobia January 6, 2010

From Box Turtle Bulletin we get this chilling and revealing video of Scott Lively’s presentation to a Ugandan audience that Lively afterward bragged was a “nuclear bomb.”

Here’s just a brief quote from the video which illustrates the depths of his sick, hateful vilification of gays:

These are men who don’t have anything…they are so far from normalcy that they, they’re killers, they are seriel killers, mass murderers… they’re sociopaths, there’s no mercy at all, there’s no nurturing, there’s no caring about anybody else.  These is the kind of person it takes to run a gas chamber or to do a mass murder—like the Rwandan stuff probably involved these guys.

For further details on the role of American Evangelical Christians in fomenting hate which has now led to proposed legislation which would imprison gays for life or even execute them, see Box Turtle Bulletin‘s extraordinary full coverage. And here’s just one agonizingly awful detail from the New York Times coverage:

Human rights advocates in Uganda say the visit by the three Americans helped set in motion what could be a very dangerous cycle. Gay Ugandans already describe a world of beatings, blackmail, death threats like “Die Sodomite!” scrawled on their homes, constant harassment and even so-called correctional rape.

“Now we really have to go undercover,” said Stosh Mugisha, a gay rights activist who said she was pinned down in a guava orchard and raped by a farmhand who wanted to cure her of her attraction to girls. She said that she was impregnated and infected with H.I.V., but that her grandmother’s reaction was simply, “ ‘You are too stubborn.’ ”

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