Alright, I Promised No More “You’re Not Helping” Posts BUT

Alright, I Promised No More “You’re Not Helping” Posts BUT June 30, 2010

William has posted a real apology:

I never meant for the blog to originally be a smear campaign against any group of people or individuals. Where I went wrong – and where the blog went wrong – was in letting my emotions get the best of me, not thinking clearly (actually not thinking at all), posting reactively instead of thinking before responding, and reading out of your words and commentary and blog posts only what I wanted to hear, and not what you actually meant to say. The commentary that many of you have had over the last few days proves that I was horribly, horribly wrong in how I characterized you, and I would like to apologize again as deeply and as profoundly as I can, which I understand may not seem like much after how I’ve spoken on the blog and the distrust I have brought to each of you and everyone that read YNH. My previous “apology” in the last post on YNH wasn’t an apology at all and was more of a panicked attempt to stop myself from looking more foolish than I already had, at which point it was already too late, and had been from the start. You were all justified in pointing out what I had done in commenting, and I was not and am in no way a victim of any of you. That was perhaps the stupidest thing I said over the past few months of very stupid and childish posts. I feel sorry for that too; it, like the rest of the blog, was a gigantic mistake. I acted like a self-important prick, and I am horribly embarrassed and sorry for my actions there. I’ve deleted the blog from WordPress permanently, it’s never coming back online, and the only traces of it that remain are the archives that Oedipus and others have posted here and on their sites. For what little trust (if any) I have left to offer each of you, I promise I won’t be blogging or even commenting again under any name whatsoever. Anywhere. I have learned a lesson here that I should have already known before I ever wrote a single word.

I also apologize for the fabrication of commenters. I honestly have no rationalization or explanation for this, outside of again getting caught in the moment, letting emotions reign over thought (something that I hypocritically often talked about being important), and generally being stupid. For this I also apologize, especially to anyone and everyone who commented on the blog and was misrepresented or guided into thinking you were fighting consensus where there was none, as has been talked about at length here. If the discussion that has taken place the last few days shows anything, it’s that all I or YNH succeeded in doing was making myself look like an idiot and an embarrassment, something that has only served to validate the many points from each of you that I attempted to criticize. I acted like a fool, an immature fool at that, and I apologize, which I understand may not be much due to the just anger that many of you feel towards me. I never should have started YNH to begin with. It was all foolish and misguided and wrong.

Read the rest, and responses from others, here. As usual, I recommend mercy to the sincerely contrite (especially when they’re so young) and join Greg Laden in recommending William return to blogging some day.  He had talent and some good and important ideas.  He just made major mistakes that he can learn a whole lot from.

Okay, back to never ever posting about You’re Not Helping again!!!

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