Everybody Draw Mohammed Day Spin Backfire?

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day Spin Backfire? June 2, 2010

LiberalViewer worries thatEverybody Draw Mohammed Day” risked losing control of the message and having the event spun in ways counter-productive to its important aims and in the long run harmful to the cause.  In other words, it might backfire.  He cites FOX News coverage to show an example of precisely this happening:

It is inevitable in any political action that one’s opponents will have recourse to effective counter-spin and counteraction.  I don’t see anyway to avoid this.  That strikes me though as all the more reason for relentless activism that constantly engages from a number of angles.  And any movement that attracts the attention of sovereign states setting themselves about stopping it has reached a size and influence worth admiring and considering successful.  The challenge is to keep making clear our own message and advancing our side in the public debate as the wide ranging forces against us align.  But it is already a victory to have forced a  high profile debate in the first place.  And one bad news report which skips out on detailing the debate does not undermine the total effort to make a vital issue part of the public consciousness.

And besides, I cannot imagine the average FOX News viewer siding with Pakistan against Facebook over hurt Muslim feelings.

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