Judge This: The Pancake Mix Rebuttal To Street Evangelism

Judge This: The Pancake Mix Rebuttal To Street Evangelism June 30, 2010

This looks quite effective:

If you consider it too antagonistic or too mocking, I’m interested in your views about my standards for fairly mocking religious beliefs, which I discuss in the posts, In Defense Of Mocking And Embarrassing Religion and My Thoughts On Blasphemy Day.  If you accept my standards but still disagree, why do you think this video fails according to them.  If you do not accept my standards, why not?  Whether you agree with mine or disagree with them, what are your own standards for assessing the rightness or wrongness of mocking whatever you take to be bad or immoral thinking?

I am thinking of exploring more of the issues that scenarios such as these might raise and would love your feedback.

D0 you think this atheist stunt giving Mormon’s a taste of their own door-to-door medicine is a better approach to pointing out to religious believers the problems with their evangelistic approaches?

Both videos establish one thing at least, it’s a good thing that at least some evangelists are reconsidering their methods.

Your Thoughts?

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