One Nation Indivisible

One Nation Indivisible June 25, 2010

Just Monday morning I was riding along a Florida Highway staring with irritation at a giant billboard looking just like the one below except it had the giant word “GOD” in the middle contributing to three phrases.   Atop and to the left of the word God it said “One Nation Under”, on the left next to “GOD” it said “In” and to the right it said “We Trust” and under “GOD” was written “Bless America”.  Basically the hat trick of American catch phrases which mix up God and state.

It’s nice to see a counter billboard up stressing that our nation’s indivisibility and rejecting the use of patriotism to try to bully people into belief in God.

If you would like to chip in for the sign, The Greenboro Atheists are raising money to pay back the generous benefactor, Joseph Stewart of, who paid for the billboard out of his own pocket.  Click on the donate link at their website.

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