Workshop To Teach Public School Teachers How To Proselytize In School

Workshop To Teach Public School Teachers How To Proselytize In School June 20, 2010

Because no legal or moral principles matter more to some fundamentalists than their drive to evangelize:

“Every day, 55 million American children and their teachers show up for school. For the nearly 90% who attend a public school, the ACLU and other anti-Christian organizations have systematically stripped almost every vestige of Christianity from their schools. But there is still a powerful remnant of Christianity that even the ACLU cannot remove-the Christian teachers, coaches, students and parents themselves!”

So begins the brochure for the Salt & Light workshop to be held at First Baptist Church of Central Florida on Friday, July 16, from 8 a.m. until noon.

“Are you a bold witness for Jesus Christ” in the public school in which you teach other people’s children? Or are you too afraid to turn your students to Christ because of the separation of church and state?

The Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools (SBACS) and the Florida Baptist Convention have teamed up with the Liberty Council (a legal advocacy group that helps Christians get around the wall of separation), to host a morning workshop in which they will teach public school teachers, administrators, staff, parents, students, or anyone who wants to attend, how they can skirt not only the law, but the immorality of preaching to other people’s children.

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