If I Could Read Only One Atheist Blogger, It Would Be…

If I Could Read Only One Atheist Blogger, It Would Be… July 3, 2010

…Richard Wade of Friendly Atheist, whose “Ask Richard” column turns one fantastic year old today.  It is a column by a retired therapist who gives atheists advice about atheistic parenting, the effects of one’s religious past on one’s present life and the way to go forward constructively in the future as an atheist, and, probably most of all, the complications of dealing with religious tensions and prejudices from one’s religious parents, kids, friends, co-workers, significant others, etc.

Here’s a full list of links to the whole year’s trove of superb advice on an array of crucially important topics, in case you missed any in the past year or find one that answers a question long on your own mind:

Ask Richard: Arabian Nights, American Days

Ask Richard: Tried to Stop an Anti-Religious Rant Among Friends

Ask Richard: Feeling Awkward When Given Religious Books

Ask Richard: Perplexed by Irrational Religious Explanations for a Suicide

Ask Richard: Her Catholic Boyfriend is Uncomfortable Discussing Her Atheism

Ask Richard: A Tricky Situation about Infant Vaccinations

Ask Richard: Is My Buddhism Suitable for an Atheist?

Ask Richard: Disagreeing About Future Children and Prayer

Ask Richard: Needing Secular Counseling After a Mastectomy

Ask Richard: Being an “Out” Atheist Without Being a Jerk

Ask Richard: Is My Belief in Karma Incompatible with My Atheism?

Ask Richard: Hard to Throw Away Books, Even Gawdawful Ones

Ask Richard: Lonely Atheist Needs Intelligent Conversations

Ask Richard: Religious Relative Bugging Him about Attending Church

Ask Richard: Is He a Hypocrite to Keep Working at a Church?

Ask Richard: The Risks of Telling the Truth and the Costs of Keeping Secrets About Your Atheism

Ask Richard: Considering an Ultimatum to Her Intolerant Family

Ask Richard: Paying for Religious Activities That He Doesn’t Believe In

Ask Richard: One Spouse Became an Atheist After a Few Years of Marriage

Ask Richard: Dealing With Evangelizers Who Seem Fragile

Ask Richard: Supplement: Dealing With Religious People Who are Actually Fragile

Ask Richard: Tension and Manipulation Over Prayers at the Dinner Table

Ask Richard: When Religious Friends Ask Us to Not Say “Oh My God”

Ask Richard: Atheist 8th Grader Wants to Confide to Someone in the Family

Ask Richard: Struggling With an Impulsive Disrespect for Christians

Ask Richard: Should I “Come Out” as an Atheist in my College Application Essay?

Ask Richard: Mother Objects to Donating My Body to Science

Ask Richard: Being Frank and Honest With My Girlfriend About My Atheism

Ask Richard: Coming Clean: Ethical Questions About Baptizing for Non-Religious Reasons

Ask Richard: Relating to Religious People At Times of Grief

Ask Richard: Atheist Ex-husband, Christian Ex-wife, Kids in the Middle

Ask Richard: My Korean Girlfriend Keeps Asking Me to Come to Church

Ask Richard: Should an Atheist Try to Change His Church from the Inside, Or Get Out?

Ask Richard: An Annoying Religious Sign on My Commute to Work

Ask Richard: I’m In Love With My Friend

Ask Richard: Surrounded by Evangelists at Work

Ask Richard: An Atheist Considering Becoming An Anglican Minister

Ask Richard: Atheist Meets Her Birth Mother 30 Years Later… She’s Religious

Ask Richard: A Christian Psychology Student is Dissatisfied with Her Christian College

Ask Richard: A Biologist Silent in the Face of Her Uncle’s Teaching Against Evolution

Ask Richard: Critical Mass: Atheists Facing the Unwelcome Christmas Ritual

Ask Richard: Former Orthodox Jewish Atheist Endures Bigotry and Rejection by His Parents

Ask Richard: Atheist Despairs for Love and Respect from Her Mormon Family

Ask Richard: My Little Nephew is Being Brainwashed As a Christian

Ask Richard: When is Religion at Work Acceptable or Improper?

Ask Richard: An Atheist Considers Attending a Catholic University

Ask Richard: Atheist’s Mother Tries to Guilt Trip Him

Ask Richard: Atheist Parents Disagree About Circumcision

Ask Richard: My Parents Don’t Take My Atheism Seriously

Ask Richard: My Aunt is Enthralled by a Cult Guru

Ask Richard: Atheist Becomes Minister to Support His Family

Ask Richard: Teen Atheist Suffers Her Parents’ Fear and Prejudice

Ask Richard: A Concerned Mother Asks Atheists About Her Teen Daughter’s Atheism

Ask Richard: Atheist Wants to Convince His Mother About Evolution

Ask Richard: Atheist Nursing Students Treated as Pariahs by Fellow Students

Ask Richard: Young Atheist Considers Coming Out to His Grandparents

Ask Richard: Should I Help My Christian Friends Keep Their Faith?

Ask Richard: Atheist’s Mormon Teen Son Is Questioned About Masturbation

Ask Richard: My Friend is Considering Becoming a Priest

Ask Richard: I Want to Officially Leave the Catholic Church

Ask Richard: Atheist Having Romantic Feelings Toward a Catholic Friend

Ask Richard: Family Censors Atheist When Sister Becomes Catholic Schoolteacher

Ask Richard: My Atheist Boyfriend is Too Hostile to His Christian Friends

Ask Richard: My Christian Friend Sent Strangers to Evangelize Me

Ask Richard: My Brother-in-Law is Deconverting While Fighting in Iraq

Ask Richard: Atheist Still Prays to God After 24 Years of Not Believing

Ask Richard: New Atheist Feels Insecure Discussing Beliefs With Family

Ask Richard: Atheists’ Freethinking Children Are Considering Religion

Ask Richard: Atheist Isolating to Avoid Superstitious People

Ask Richard: A Young Woman, a Muslim Boyfriend, and Two Hysterical Parents

Ask Richard: Young Atheist Considers Leaving Church and Coming Out

Ask Richard: Atheist Grandfather Kept At Arm’s Length

Ask Richard: Hard to Talk to an Overbearing Christian Dad

Ask Richard: What Books Can Help My Catholic Siblings Become More Rational?

Ask Richard: My Friend in High School Wants to Become a Nun

Ask Richard: My Father Nags Me to Go to Church

Ask Richard: Atheist Gets Entangled in a Church

Ask Richard: An Atheist Hesitates to Visit a Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Ask Richard: Advice For a Freethinker Entering Middle School

Ask Richard: Young Atheist and His Family Speak Different Languages

Ask Richard: Atheist Considers Trying to Deconvert His Parents

Ask Richard: Atheist’s Parents Say They Can Be Damned to Hell Because of Him

Ask Richard: Atheist Resisting Depression is Evangelized by Friend

Ask Richard: Respecting Beliefs Vs. Respectful Treatment

Ask Richard: Gay Agnostic Conflicted by Friendship with Evangelist Missionary

Ask Richard: Skeptical Guy with a Credulous Girlfriend

Ask Richard: Should I Keep My Son In Catholic School?

Ask Richard: How Do I Handle My Six-Year-Old’s Beliefs?

Ask Richard: My Atheist Husband Has Secretly Become a Christian

Ask Richard: When “Coming Out” May Affect Others

Ask Richard: Atheist’s Family Finds Out, Shuts Out, Loses Out

Ask Richard: Teen Atheist Daughter of Muslim Parents

Ask Richard: A Young Atheist, a Baha’i Egyptian Girl, and Her Father

Ask Richard: Teen Atheist Faces Pressure to Attend Confirmation

Ask Richard: When Will I Stop Feeling Angry About My Religious Past?

Ask Richard: Songwriter Famous for Christian Music is Secretly an Atheist

Ask Richard: Of Mothers and Mothers-in-Law, Part One

Ask Richard: Of Mothers and Mothers-in-Law, Part Two

Happy anniversary, Richard!  Keep up the great work!

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