Allan Hazlett Leaves Fordham For Edinburgh

Allan Hazlett Leaves Fordham For Edinburgh August 23, 2010

Allan Hazlett arrived at Fordham long after I was done with coursework and, curiously, our primary interactions were in interviewing each other.  When he visited the campus as a prospective member of the faculty I participated in a lunch designed for him to meet the graduate students so that he could learn about the program from our perspective and we could learn about him and make any judgments.  I attended such lunches with many candidates while a graduate student and always enjoyed them.  Allan was the most gregarious and frankest candidate I remember meeting with.   Completely unhesitant to express what he really thought about a range of topics.  He was genuine and genuinely enjoyable to discuss philosophy and the profession with.

And then the last two years as I prepared for the philosophy job market, I signed up to be mock interviewed by members of the faculty and on both occasions Allan wound up one of my mock interviewers.  Both times his approach to the interview and his subsequent support, candor, and advice in discussing my performance and how to proceed in real interviews going forward was invaluably helpful, encouraging, and, so, greatly appreciated.  The University of Edinburgh is not only getting a good philosopher but a hell of a guy.

So, though I didn’t interact with him all that much beyond these interview scenarios and never actually studied with him, I am really delighted for him as he moves on to this new opportunity and I hope earnestly that Fordham does as good a job replacing him as they did in finding him in the first place.

Congratulations, Allan.

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