Catching Up With Camels With Hammers

Catching Up With Camels With Hammers January 10, 2011

If you are new or if you have missed some days of new Camels With Hammers posts in the last half a year, thanks to some hard work from our webguy, Dave Smith, you can now check the “Dan’s Views” column on the left hand side of the site’s page and see a thoroughly updated list of my key statements on a range of fundamental issues related to atheism, ethics, faith, religion, and philosophy in general.

We have pruned many of the earlier, shorter, weaker, superseded, and overall less important posts from the list and placed throughout the list, but especially at the very top, newer, usually longer, up to date, and important statements of my positions.  I really hope you will check them out at your leisure and, as always, offer Your Thoughts!

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Atheists Should Persuade, But Not Proselytize.

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