Introducing The “Today’s Open Philosophical Question (TOP Q)” Series

Introducing The “Today’s Open Philosophical Question (TOP Q)” Series January 1, 2011

This year I’ve decided to introduce what I hope will be a fruitful new (hopefully) daily dimension to the blog, what I am going to call “Today’s Open Philosophical Question” (which will be abbreviated as “TOP Q”), in which I pose a question for the readership about either an abstract or applied philosophical question. Sometimes the word philosophical will be construed broadly and sometimes rather narrowly. Hopefully we can get some valuable insights and discussions out of this experiment and help build more community among you readers.

I also find that reading other people’s discussions on my Facebook often primes my own thinking and introduces points of controversy I didn’t see in a story and so I am interested in using these questions as primers that stimulate future blog posts from me. Where in the past I would be more inclined to post a story on Facebook when I did not have specific or unique enough thoughts for a post, now I want to float stories and primer questions about them to you and see where it goes. And, of course, as should be clear from a year and a half of my blogging, I already get a whole lot of direction and stimulation for determining what future posts should cover from the issues, angles, and challenges which your comments offer me. And this feature will no doubt create more avenues for that kind of provocation of new posts.

So, hopefully you’ll be willing to play along and this can develop into something good.

I will get a first question up before the first night of the year is over.

In the meantime; Your Thoughts?

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