TOP Q (6): Why Should Pleasure And Pain Matter Morally?

TOP Q (6): Why Should Pleasure And Pain Matter Morally? January 6, 2011

I have already begun to explain my own view of the nature and limits of the ethical value of pleasure and pain (and I’d pleased if you considered my views there and, admittedly, a bit pained if you do not bother to!)  But I would like to throw this out as today’s open philosophical question:  Are pleasures intrinsically good?  What about harmful pleasures?  are pains intrinsically bad?  What about helpful pains?  For my utilitarian readers, why do you think pleasure and pain can trump all other goods?  How do you answer the problem that if the only wrong is causing pain, then there’s no real wrong in murdering someone in their sleep (they’ll never know and experience no pain)?  Is my account of pleasure and pains as instrumental goods, rather than intrinsic ones, persuasive?  Why or why not?

And also, there are a couple of topics which I think got short shrift by way of comments in large part due to the website being down, beyond our control, for a full 24 hours between Monday and Tuesday of this week.  If you find them interesting, consider giving these questions a shot too:

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Your Thoughts?

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