Vigilante Elderly Woman Foils Robbery

Vigilante Elderly Woman Foils Robbery February 8, 2011

Amazing, heartwarming, confirmed footage of bravery:

via Feminist Philosophers.

David Slutsky, from Feminist Philosophers’ comments section, has a valid gripe with the sound re-edit noticeable in the version of the video of the incident above:

This is great.

What really bothers me, however, is the seemingly belittling/sensationalistic/cartoonish manner of the accompanying music and narrative/voice-over with which many people, places, organizations, etc. are presenting this clip; part of this complaint is the use of the Benny Hill theme for background music that emeritus points out in comment number 6. The version here contains music from the 1970′s television series “Wonder Woman”. Does music from television series such as the 1970′s “The Six Million Dollar Man” usually accompany similar clips involving a man instead of a woman?

My memory does not recall comparable belittling music and such accompanying display of cartoonish/unrealistic elements in many or most similar clips of courage and protection performed by men. Another stupid double standard, it seems to me. When a female performs such as an act, many people depict it as some sort of circus act (or cartoon or unrealistic television show). When a male performs such an act, many people depict it for the courage and protection that it contains/exhibits.

Awesome act/clip, but is anyone with me in wishing for a different narrative/presentation along the lines sketched above?

Your Thoughts?

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