What Closed-Mindedness and Open-Mindedness Actually Entail

What Closed-Mindedness and Open-Mindedness Actually Entail February 23, 2011

Yesterday, I offered 10 tips for religious people who want to reach out to atheists. Joseph wants me to mention one more thing:

Very good! One thing that you missed and would have lived to see is the accusation from theists to us heathens that we are narrow minded or closed minded. This drives me nuts, because they are the ones that choose 1 specific flavor of the religion out of 10’s of thousands as being the only write religion with the 1 true interpretation of their ‘holy’ book, while all the other ones are wrong. They try to lay that one on us for the reason that we Atheists call for independently verifiable evidence and call BS on their supernatural claims.

Yes, this is quite a good point, so below is my favorite resource for explaining to the faithful who think we skeptical people are closed-minded what true open-mindedness entails :

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