I Have Received An Open Letter

I Have Received An Open Letter March 3, 2011

In reply to my post Why Atheists Should Not Give Up Challenging Theism And Theists (and to the subsequent overly-dramatic fallout in that post’s comments section), comes this “open letter” to me from GreenGeekGirl. I do not think I have ever received an open letter before (unless we count the one from that rabbi to the entire atheist community).  As a member of the entire atheist community, I did take it to heart. But, nonetheless, this still feels like my first official receipt of an open letter.  It feels good.

I would quote the letter but its author is not that open about the contents of her blog posts.  Nonetheless, out of a spirit of open-mindedness towards dissents, I will relay the YouTube videos she posts therein which she offers as a rejoinder to my defense of trying to argue believers out of their faiths.  They are by the estimable ProfMTH and I featured them before.  I think that was also the occasion that I luckily actually got his attention and some words of support for Camels With Hammers (or at least he signed up to follow me on Twitter).  I admit, as a big fan of his, I appreciated that quite a bit and have enjoyed the few subsequent chances to interact with him on Twitter.

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