My Appearance on the Ardent Atheist Podcast

My Appearance on the Ardent Atheist Podcast March 19, 2011

So, last Wednesday night I went on the Ardent Atheist show and you can now stream it just by clicking here or, if you would like to download it free from iTunes, by clicking here and selecting episode 005.

The comedians who I had the privilege of being on the show with were really great too, so be sure to listen to the whole show. Most of what I had to say could be read in much more depth in the following Camels With Hammers posts:

Apostasy As A Religious Act (Or “Why A Camel Hammers The Idols Of Faith”)

My Atheistic Reply To Rabbi Adam Jacobs’s Open Letter To The Atheist Community

Top 10 Tips For Reaching Out To Atheists

Last week was a busy week of catching up for me after recovering from being sick the previous week, so it’s still been a while since I’ve churned out new substantive writing.  I should get back up to speed with regular writing any day now. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

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