20 Christian Academics Speaking About God

20 Christian Academics Speaking About God September 5, 2011

So many religious believers I encounter want to cite the existence of smart religious people as proof enough that their beliefs are rational. Below is a video just demonstrating how unintelligible, contradictory, or explicitly anti-reason many otherwise brilliant and highly credentialed scholars sound when they start actually explaining the religious beliefs that laypeople want to rely on their intelligence to vouch for as rational. It’s a brilliant idea:

One religious believer, with a PhD himself and an exceptional scholarly record in his field, once tried to pull this fallacious trick on me by pointing out that Thomas Aquinas was a greater philosopher than I am (and admittedly, he definitely is) as a way to just wave away an argument I made to him that Aquinas was wrong but which he himself could not refute. So, you know, since Aquinas was really smart, everyone who has reinvestigated the questions he considered and come up with different answers than the ones he did for 700 years is just wrong. (And, of course, this ignores the existence of philosophers smarter than Aquinas.)

Thanks to Jefferson for the link.

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