Alessi's Ark's Rendition of "Maybe I Know"

Alessi's Ark's Rendition of "Maybe I Know" September 29, 2011

Laura Marling was fantastic as expected last night. Her opening act was another 21 year old Englishwoman, Alessi Laurent-Marke, who performs as Alessi’s Ark. Her set was very low key, just her on acoustic guitar and behind her an electric guitarist who would back her up in modest ways. Mid-show someone called out a request for “Maybe I Know”, a ’60s Leslie Gore song that she covered and made a video for, and she got really excited and decided to play it unprepared. I thought the phrasing and the oomph that she put into the chorus of the song was something really special. In the video below, it strikes me how much she sounds like Camera Obscura. Though her overall set was somewhere closer in genre to Laura Marling and Lisa Hannigan–but that may be because of the more acoustic instrumentation for the live performance.

Her album, Time Travel,made it to America on Tuesday.

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