This is a special, special day for Camels With Hammers as Dave Smith, our webmaster, has just announced to Facebook (and thereby given me permission to announce to the rest of the world) that he is engaged to his beautiful, brilliant, and utterly hilarious new fiancée Meagan.

Dave is an old friend. We lived across the hall from each other freshman year at Grove City College and then sophomore year were suite mates. At the end of many, many nights, I would poke into Dave and his roommate Eden’s room and we would discuss the days events and just laugh our heads off. Even then, Dave was my computer guy. I would use his snazzy computer to play awesome games mine did not have and he would help me with whatever computer problems I had.

When I first started blogging in 2006, the whole aim was personal and not to do anything ambitious with it and I lost interest relatively quickly. Then in 2008 I took a stab at doing something with it but quickly abandoned it again. There were no readers, what was the point? Then Dave, who found me and the blog (then named Nietzschean Ideas), through Facebook posted an enthusiastic comment on it while I considered it defunct.

It turned out that Dave too had become an atheist in recent years and was just in the process of finding himself in a new context and after an arduous struggle to figure himself out outside the lies that had shaped and hindered his life. Encouraged by his enthusiasm for what I had been trying to do, I suggested that I might start blogging again, but this time with his technical help to make things the way they would need to be in order to have a successful blog with its own distinct look and personality. He signed right on, eager to participate in the cause with me.

And so it was with more fits of laughter like back in the good old days that we sat down to dream up turning Nietzschean Ideas into Camels With Hammers (and even to name it something so seriously silly). And in the first two years of building Camels With Hammers, Dave and I have become great friends. He is one of the absolute nicest people I know, by far the easiest going, and the kind of person you would trust your life to (or all your passwords—please don’t destroy me, Dave).

And so when he and his girlfriend of roughly a year visited a few weeks ago and I met her for the first time, I could not have been more excited to discover that Dave had met and successfully wooed the funniest woman I could remember meeting in my life. She was so funny, that I had to stop her making jokes by changing the subject to something serious—her work as a high school teacher. And there she blew me away too. She was so filled with sharp insights that had never crossed my mind before. She was serious, passionate, and theoretically ambitious.

When Dave left the table for a minute, we joked about Dave. When she finally left the table, I immediately turned to Dave and said, “You must marry that woman.” I have never been as instantly sure someone was the right person for someone who matters a lot to me as I was when I spent just half an hour with the two of them. And the whole rest of the day, every time there was a brief break in the laughter as Meagan would leave for a second, I would turn to Dave again and say, “You must marry that woman.”

So, I am elated that just a short few weeks later, Dave is now going to marry that woman. And she could not have happened to a nicer guy.

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