Suing The Devil

Suing The Devil September 6, 2011

Nobody makes terribly blunt and bluntly terrible propaganda movies like the Evangelical Christians:


Not a bad cast selling their souls in this one. Surprising how many mainstream actors have been appearing in these preachy schlocky un-self-aware imagination-free self-parodies the Evangelicals make.

The kind of pathetic thing is that I remember watching Devil’s Advocate as an Evangelical Christian in college with three of my fellow devout friends and we were amazed by it. We could not believe that Hollywood made a film that made what we considered “sinful” to look so convincingly awful, as we thought it was. The nonsensical technical details of the film’s theology aside, we thought it was a powerfully “convicting” take on the devil. (I still, personally, think it is the best rendering of that mythic concept I have ever seen.) We prayed lots over our sinfulness then and thereafter as two of us became “accountability partners” for a couple of years after seeing that movie.

But leave it to the Evangelicals to try to make a film of their own about the devil and the courtroom and this ham-handed paint-by-numbers treacle is about all they can manage.

H/T: Unreasonable Faith

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