Wanted: "Atheists Who Are More Upset If You DON'T Share The Gospel With Them"

Wanted: "Atheists Who Are More Upset If You DON'T Share The Gospel With Them" September 24, 2011

Bloggers get apprised of the terms and phrases people have plugged into search engines to arrive at our blogs. Sometimes the search terms are bizarre and/or hilarious enough that a blogger will call attention to them on the blog. This is one of those times.

Recently someone apparently arrived at Camels With Hammers looking for “Atheists who are more upset if you don’t share the Gospel with them”. Now, there is a surprising amount of diversity in the atheist community on a lot of issues. But I can honestly say, I have never in my life encountered a single atheist who felt this way. It strikes me as being as utterly false to reality as “Theists who are more upset if you don’t tell their children there is no God”.

So I am wondering where this search phrase comes from. Is this actually an idea some Christians are spreading to persuade nervous would-be proselytizers to overcome their fears of offending or irritating atheists? Or is there a prominent atheist or atheist group out there that has publicly pleaded for Christians to save them? I mean, I know that there may be some very loosely atheistic people, whose atheism is not a big deal to them at all and who may seek out Christianity to hear what it has to say. But it is not exactly like they don’t know where to find out what Christians say and are just brooding and offended waiting and waiting for a Christian to come along and make an unsolicited sales pitch to them.

So, to satisfy my own curiosity and to provide an apparently necessary resource to future googlers of this question, I want to crowd source an answer using my atheist readership. Do you get more upset when Christians don’t “share the Gospel” with you or when they do? Why or why not? Or do you know where this question could possibly have come from?

And, for what it’s worth to the Christians (and atheists) out there who are interested in what I think are the best things for religious people to keep in mind when reaching out to atheists, I have written a post I called the Top 10 Tips For Reaching Out To Atheists, which is chock full of such advice.

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