Sam Singleton's Revival Act That Began Gelatogate

Sam Singleton's Revival Act That Began Gelatogate November 23, 2011

Andy Drennen saw a portion of this act and had this response:

Once the store slowed down, I decided to walk down the street to learn more about the convention, fully thinking it was something involving UFOs (“skeptics”). What I saw instead was a man conducting a mock sermon, reading the bible and cursing it. Instead of saying “Amen”, the phrase was “god damn”. Being a Christian, and expecting flying saucers, I was not only totally surprised but totally offended. I took it very personally and quickly decided in the heat of the moment that I had to take matters into my own hands and let people know how I felt at that moment in time.
So, I went quickly back to my business, grabbed the first piece of paper I could find, wrote the note and taped it in my front window.

The sign, as you have probably seen by now looked like this:

The store owner has apologized, Jen and Hemant accept the apology, JT and PZ do not.

I am thinking over what to say exactly, but I am basically in agreement with JT and PZ.

Your Thoughts?

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