Welcome Maryam Namazie (And Catch Up With The Tons Of Things Going On At Freethought Blogs!)

Welcome Maryam Namazie (And Catch Up With The Tons Of Things Going On At Freethought Blogs!) November 3, 2011

Here I was frustrated, trying to figure out what to do about the fact that I have no time at all to blog today and then I see that Maryam Namazie’s new blog on the Freethought Blogs network has gone live, so I can just send you over there for the day! Here are her first three posts: HiYou really need to sign this, and A photo of Mohammad will have to do! (In support of Charlie Hebdo’s firebombing).

And if that’s not enough, she’s recommended us some links of her past writing on the need to protect the absolute right to criticize religions, even to the point of offending them:

The Islamic Inquisition
Free expression no ifs and buts
Islam must be criticised
Offensive shomfensive
Apologise for what: On the Mohammad caricatures



And, that’s far from all that’s worth mentioning around FtB of late:

JT Eberhard has exclusive interviews with Greg Laden of X-Blog and Jen McCreight of Blag Hag.

Hank Fox opens up about the man he has come to call “Dad”: Charley & Me — Part 1

Greta Christina is doing fantastic work of staying on the American Cancer Society’s trail for discriminating against atheists.

The Crommunist has a must-read 5 part series on fascinating research on the frustrating puzzle of how and why those negatively affected by social systems contribute vigorously to defending them.  Read Part 1Read Part 2Read Part 3Read Part 4. Read Part 5.

PZ Myers does a superb job of defending the legitimacy and credibility of the discipline of history against creationist disinformation.

And Ed Brayton absolutely nails the knee-jerk right wing for defending the cops even when they are criminally wrong:

It isn’t that all cops are corrupt; they’re not. But it appears that most of those who don’t actually engage in such corruption at the very least are complicit in it because they fail to report it when they see it and circle the wagons around their fellow officers when they stand accused.

The irony is that if a politician even talks about the problem, the right will immediately accuse them of being soft on crime. But police brutality IS a crime. The only ones being soft on it are those who excuse it and engage in demagoguery to prevent a solution to it.

And Chris Rodda provocatively suggests that we should start crossing the phrase “In God We Trust” off of our money. And relatedly Cuttlefish writes about what it means “To Phrase A Coin”.

And in the last few days, Jen turned into a sexy Mormon, spotted a pink Darth Vader, and turned 24.

Jason, with the help of an insane video from Everything is Terrible, reminisces about his younger days as a Rush Limbaugh fan in I used to watch that petulant man-child. (I’m sad to say, so did I, as a high school freshman.)

Stephanie Zvan is soliciting opinions on whether it would be right to out a publicly abusive, misogynistic pseudonymous blogger.

And speaking of misogyny, many of you may have seen that video in which British comedienne Kate Smurthwaite (inappropriately, in my view) implied everyone who believes in heaven is an “idiot”. Well, now Ophelia has the scoop on how appallingly she’s being treated in return. It’s all so depressing.

Your Thoughts?

Wait—what’s that? That’s not enough links for you?? Seriously??? Alright then, well, here’s Dana’s astounding weekly round up. If that does not satisfy you, nothing will and I guess I will have to cancel my classes tonight and come blog for you after all. But, seriously, give all these links a shot first!

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