"All American Muslims" Meet All American Islamophobia

"All American Muslims" Meet All American Islamophobia December 18, 2011

The Daily Show had fantastic coverage this week of The Florida Family Association’s opposition to TLC’s show All American Muslim:

I’ve never seen the show so I can’t judge it. All I can say is that my own (extremely limited) experience with real life all-American Muslims has been overwhelmingly positive. Ophelia Benson did see the show and wrote a poignant reflection on what it brought to light for her. And for more, daily, vital criticisms of the real dangers of Islam, follow Maryam Namazie’s must-read blog.

Finally, it’s unrelated but worth noting as long as I’m mentioning The Daily Show: The Daily Show website has grouped together their interviews with Christopher Hitchens. Of special note is his June 8, 2010 appearance, which came the day his illness physically announced itself to him for the first time and he was referred to an oncologist.

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