See You in the New Year

See You in the New Year December 25, 2011

Hi everybody. Sorry my posting has remained sparse this month. Wrapping up the semester for 9 classes’ worth of students is proving more grueling and time intensive than teaching the 9 classes all semester was. Plus, the family needs time over the holidays.

Fortunately, the blog has been in Eric’s extremely capable hands. So, possibly except for brief posts here and there, I will not be around this next week. January 1 my grading will be finished and I should have another solid four straight months of daily blogging in me until May, when I’ll probably have to take another hiatus and give way to guest blogging until June. Then I should be on again until next December, etc., rinse and repeat.

Thank you for your patience, I look forward to blogging full blast soon as I can again. I miss writing for you everyday terribly.

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