Support Hamza Kashgari However You Can

Support Hamza Kashgari However You Can February 13, 2012

Maryam Namazie has been on top of the story of Hamza Kashgari, a 23 year old Saudi journalist whose life is on the line after he tweeted the following on Mohammad’s birthday:

“On your birthday, I will say that I have loved the rebel in you, that you’ve always been a source of inspiration to me, and that I do not like the halos of divinity around you. I shall not pray for you.”

“On your birthday, I find you wherever I turn. I will say that I have loved aspects of you, hated others, and could not understand many more.”

“On your birthday, I shall not bow to you. I shall not kiss your hand. Rather, I shall shake it as equals do, and smile at you as you smile at me. I shall speak to you as a friend, no more.”

There is now a petition you can sign.

He had been in Malaysia and the Malaysian government handed him over to the Saudi authorities where he could very well be executed for apostasy despite his making retractions and apologies for his tweets.

Maryam is rightly furious:

Malaysia must be made to pay for this heinous act of returning someone to their possible death (something that Western governments also do all the time by deporting asylum seekers).

And Saudi Arabia must feel such rage that it dare not touch a hair on Hamza’s head.

Saudi Arabia be warned. We will not let you kill Hamza. Be warned.

A campaign for Hamza will be announced shortly.

More coverage from the mainstream press is below the fold. If you have any ideas or information about how to secure his safety, now is the time to share them or to privately act on them.

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