The Vagina Status Updates

The Vagina Status Updates March 17, 2012

Recently women have begun leaving updates on their vaginas on the Facebook page of Virginia State Senator Ryan McDougle, since he has shown such an interest in their vaginas that he has supported the proposed Virginia bill calling for invasive transvaginal ultrasounds:

“You know, Senator, I’ve wished all my life that a man would know more about my own vaginal issues than I do, and now you’re here! So here it goes, during my last period, I had to use the Super tampons because I had some chunky blood issues. You know, that pesky uterus and all. Maybe you could tell my uterus that all the blood will ooze out in its own time, and not to rush itself into shooting clots out every month. Also, I find it very inconvenient that I wake up in a pool of my own blood on the first and second days of my period. Maybe you can help a sister out?”


“I am so excited that you’ve taken such an interest in my health. I just wanted to know your thought on a possible yeast infection, I can’t afford health insurance even with my three jobs, so since you’re so tuned into womens bodies, I thought you might have some natural remedies…let me know!”

I found this one from one of my Facebook friends (Shawn Snitkin Harris):

“Mr. McDouggle, I seem to be having the opposite problem as Angie. I haven’t had a period since January, and given my age, I could be heading into menopause. No hot flashes or anything yet, just no periods. Which brings up the question of birth control. should I or shouldn’t I? I can’t seem to figure this out on my own, I’m only a registered nurse, so since you are the expert, I defer to you.”

The Mary Sue has anthologized a bunch more of them for posterity. (via Feminist Philosophers)

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