How To Read Camels With Hammers Starting in June

How To Read Camels With Hammers Starting in June May 31, 2012

This summer I am going to have a lot more time to blog, which means I will be regularly posting both substantive original ideas pieces of my own and also aggregating videos and excerpts of other writing, etc.

In order that my original writing does not get drowned out as the blog moves so quickly, I have decided to employ a new general policy whereby the post at the top of the page will almost always be the post in which I have recently done the most writing, rather than whatever happens to be the latest thing posted on the blog.

So even if you come to the homepage and see the same piece of philosophical writing at the top that you have already read, do not assume the blog has no interesting new updates. Check out the box in the right hand column for links to the most recent posts and or simply scroll down past the philosophical piece which you have already read to see if anything new has come after it.

Doing this will make me feel much more comfortable producing more total content. I often refrain from posting out of fear of drowning out my latest original writing. This compromise will help put my mind at ease that the writing that is most important to this blog is always the first thing people will see when they come to the homepage and liberate me to then freely post all the other information and resources I think people would benefit from.

Today I finally wrap up the last of my grading. It’s almost done but for a few tests to grade and final tallies. Tomorrow, June 1, I will officially begin my summer of intensive blog and book writing.

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