Study With Me This Summer

Study With Me This Summer May 18, 2012

I am going to take the next few days off from blogging to get my grading done as fast as I can so I get a summer that is as long as it can be. In the meantime, I encourage you to catch up with my previous work by reading the recommended posts in the righthand column and especially by listening to the half hour interview I gave a couple months ago to Amy Childs.

In this post, I want to take a moment to hype the many things I will be doing this summer, including your opportunity to study philosophy with me one-on-one.

One-on-One Philosophical Counseling/Tutoring
This summer I plan to get certified in philosophical counseling. Not all the problems people have in life are the kinds that require psychological counseling. If your problems do—don’t come to me, that’s not my qualification and I won’t pretend it is.

Some people are mentally healthy but still want the benefits of philosophical discussion for sorting out questions about their values, about how to live a genuinely meaningful life, about important metaphysical questions, about developing an irreligious or post-religious worldview, etc. Some people would just like to have a philosophical mentor or tutor with whom they can read philosophical texts and/or engage in vigorous open-ended dialectical inquiries into philosophical issues. Some people just think studying Nietzsche with a passionate Nietzsche specialist would be an enriching experience.

I have in recent months held sessions with a private student which have served all those goals and it’s been a very gratifying experience for both of us. We have both learned a lot and become good friends. I am really hoping in the coming years to make one-on-one philosophical counseling, mentoring, and tutoring a primary source of my income. This summer if you are interested in booking some time with me, either in person here in New York City or online (through video conferencing on Skype), please write me at or on Facebook. If you would like to study with me but cannot afford frequent one-on-one time, I would be very amenable to teaching small groups for a more manageable fee, so let me know if you can rustle up the people for such a group or would like to be put on a list with others looking for such an option. My times to meet with individuals or with groups can be very flexible all summer as I have no official employment outside of Freethought Blogs until September. Hopefully relationships begun in the summer can continue on through the fall or resume in the spring.

As far as free philosophical advice goes, this summer I will finally launch my “Philosophical Advice” column here on Camels With Hammers, wherein I will answer your questions about ethical dilemmas and other tough life choices which are amenable to philosophical analysis. I was sent some very good questions to dive into a couple months ago and I am eager to get on with answering them on the blog.

Blogging Like A Maniac
This summer I am going to ramp up to my usual prolific levels of daily blogging. I hope to generally take the available time to do philosophical research and dig into some philosophical depth in most of my posts. But being available to blog most of the day will mean that I can also comment on breaking atheist and political news more often.

The last several weeks I have not been blogging to my usual standards, either in terms of quantity or quality, as I have been trying to wrap up teaching and grading 8 classes of philosophy. And so long without blogging makes me a little sluggish, so to get unstuck and back into the regular blogging swing I am going to carry out a 24 hour blogathon, as I did in January after my winter grading break. To make up for several weeks of anemic blogging, I will write 36 posts in 24 hours, one every 45 minutes starting Thursday May 24 at 9am and ending at 8:15am on Friday May 25. None of the posts will be written before Thursday. Numerous readers have sent me things to look at over the last several weeks and months and I will try to get to some of those items during the blogathon. Thanks for your patience in the meantime, everyone.

Writing A Book
This summer I have resolved to write a book. I know exactly what I want to write. I am going to keep the details about it under wraps until it is fully drafted. I promise it will be bold and creative, uncompromisingly philosophically rigorous, deeply informed by scholarship, and also scrupulously, unabashedly accessible to philosophical novices. I am going to write the book that is deep in my guts and worry about the marketing after the fact.

Learning How To Make Videos
I have long wanted to make Camels With Hammers a more multimedia experience. This won’t be my highest priority among these many ambitious projects I am setting out for myself but I at least hope to practice and learn a lot about filming, getting audio right, developing visuals, and doing editing so that some day further down the road I can make this a significant part of the Camels With Hammers experience.

Philosophizing About Batman Live
July 7 from 2pm-3pm I will be a panelist talking about Batman and Philosophy at CONvergence, in Minnesota. Be there!

I will also be hanging around lots at the Freethought Blogs/Skepchick room at the convention, meeting readers and promoting the blog network. Be there too!

Being A Groomsman in Dave and Meagan’s Wedding
Dave Smith, the web guy at Camels With Hammers who made the whole blog’s existence possible for its first two years, is getting married this summer to an incredible woman. Dave is a spectacular human being and an old friend going back to freshman year in college. His fiancé Meagan is a new friend and already one of my favorite people on the planet.

Losing Weight
I shall be more svelte come summer’s end.

Visiting My Family
Yes, Mom, I am coming down to Florida the week I have told you a dozen times that I am coming. I will book the flight soon as the semester is over to make it official so you can stop asking.

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