The Women In Secularism Conference

The Women In Secularism Conference May 24, 2012

Ashley F. Miller did us all a terrific service and extensively live-blogged the Women in Secularism conference held last weekend in DC. I’ve read chunks of it and it’s quite interesting. Here are all the links for your perusal: Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IVPart V, and Part VI. And, finally, there is her post-conference recap.

The biggest story coming out of the conference is related to Jen McCreight’s revelation that she has been warned away from various prominent atheist speakers due to frequent whispers that they sexually harass women at conferences. This story has gotten a lot of attention here at Freethought Blogs, some of it leading to surprisingly quick positive results. Here are the blog posts on the subject so far:

Zero Intolerance (Almost Diamonds)

Making It Safer in the Meantime (Almost Diamonds)

Flirting, sex, and lines: removing skeeze from the movement (What Would JT Do)

Dealing with badly behaving speakers (Blag Hag)

Real Progress (Almost Diamonds)

There is no blacklist (Pharyngula)

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