Colbert on Obama, North Carolina, & Gay Marriage

Colbert on Obama, North Carolina, & Gay Marriage June 3, 2012

Two nights in a row last month Colbert had fantastic coverage of the news of Barack Obama’s “evolved” support for gay marriage and the unevolved decision of the people of North Carolina to even further restrict gay rights than they already had. In case you missed either or both of his segments on these subjects, here they are.  I have also transcribed each one’s most memorable takeaway quote below:

My own thoughts on Obama’s “evolution” towards supporting gay marriage are here.

Here is the key takeaway Colbert quote from the video above:

So congratulations, North Carolina. Last night, you struck a decisive blow for loneliness. And tonight, as you go to sleep beside your heterosexual life mate, you can rest assured that all across your great state, a gay man or a lesbian woman is crying themselves to sleep in solitude and making your relationship stronger with every tear.

And here’s the key quote from the video the next night:

Pastor Rober Jeffress (in a video clip): By embracing same sex marriage, President Obama has really contradicted the Jesus that he says he follows.

Stephen Colbert: Yes, Obama is contradicting the Jesus. And now I’d like to read you what the Jesus had to say about homosexuality. I’d like to, but he never said anything about it. Evidently Jesus was so filled with rage, he was speechless!

Last summer I spelled out in some detail my own take on gays and Jesus, which was written in reply to a conservative Christian’s standard apologetics for anti-gay Christianity.

The second Colbert video is below the fold: 

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