Muppet Cupcakes

Muppet Cupcakes June 27, 2012

As always, I have tons to say. But today I have no time to say it. I’ll be back tomorrow. So, in the meantime, please instead accept those most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, muppetational cupcakes above (courtesy of Vicky), in celebration of Camels With Hammers’ one millionth pageview yesterday afternoon! The millionth pageview happened at the University of New Mexico and, quite satisfyingly, the page clicked on was the definitive Camels With Hammers post, Apostasy As A Religious Act (Or “Why A Camel Hammers The Idols Of Faith”).

Also, here’s a funny prank related to one millionth visitors from one of my favorite TV commercials:

The faces of the two guys crack me up.

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