"Quiet please, the Mets are trying to play baseball."

"Quiet please, the Mets are trying to play baseball." June 14, 2012

As a Mets fan, I just couldn’t pass up this story:

Quiet please, the Mets are trying to play baseball.

The Amazin’s are silently floating plans for a “designated quiet-seating section” in Citi Field.

The team e-mailed a survey to fans yesterday, asking about their ballpark experience — including queries about the scoreboard, between-inning entertainment, music, and even interactions with Mr. Met.

But the one question that virtually jumped off the e-mail was: “The Mets are considering adding a designated ‘quiet’ seating section with lower volume PA announcements and no music or cheerleading. How likely would you be to purchase tickets in that section?”

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I admit, the more I am thinking about this the more I am actually wanting to sit in the quiet section. This might mean I am getting old or something but I know I sure would not miss the blaring scoreboard gimmicks meant to keep interested and engaged those who apparently either hate baseball or the people they came with.

But during big rallies, the organ and some of the other gimmicks are there for a reason, they really do help everyone get into the spirit of things.

So, here we go, the epic Camels With Hammers blogathon for the Secular Student Alliance—a blogathon which will feature more than 15 interviews, debates, and more nebulous conversations about a wide range of philosophical, political, theological, and social issues—begins with an off-topic question: would you prefer to sit in the quiet section of a baseball stadium?

Your Thoughts?

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