The Camels With Hammers Blogathon Will Have SPECIAL GUESTS!

The Camels With Hammers Blogathon Will Have SPECIAL GUESTS! June 9, 2012

So this week atheist blogs from Freethought Blogs and the rest of the internet are going all out to fundraise for the Secular Student Alliance. What most of us will be doing is blogathons starting TODAY!!! We are doing a relay blogathon, something we just invented (it was my idea!) whereby all week different bloggers will be doing blogathons instead of having them all happen on the same day at the same time. So, that means from earlier today until next Saturday night almost all the time there will be one or more bloggers frantically trying to post something cool every hour or half hour! The schedule is up at the SSA Week page (at which you can also make donations!).

Ellen Lundgren at Skeptic Freethought, Brianne Bilyeu at Biodork, and Christina Stephens at What Would JT Do have all begun their blogathons today so show them some love, comment on their posts, encourage them, and if you care about secularism donate to the SSA! Also Greta has collated some great testimonies about the value of the Secular Student Alliance and Jen McCreight is displaying some charming doodles she has made for donors.

The Camels With Hammers Blogathon Thursday June 14 With SPECIAL GUESTS!!

So the Camels With Hammers SSA Week blogathon is going to be on Thursday, starting at 8am. This will be my third blogathon this year. This time for charity! Now, in order to generate lots of really quality material during the blogathon, I have decided to solicit help. I have reached out to some of my favorite people in the atheist community (who will answer my e-mails) and to a few long time friends of Camels With Hammers and I have arranged to have freewheeling conversations with them for instant posting on the blog! So far I have ten conversations already scheduled and I have several others who have agreed to join on. If you are an atheist with either an organization or a book or some other project to plug, or if you are an academic with an area of specialization that gives you insights you would like to share about religion, atheism, or philosophy, or if you are a professional philosopher of any stripe, then I would love to hear from you and see if I can fit a discussion with you into the schedule!

So far the lineup includes headliner bloggers like Vyckie Garrison of No Longer Quivering, Zinnia Jones of ZJEmptv, and Ophelia Benson of Butterflies and Wheels.

Dave Smith, my college suitemate who helped me found Camels With Hammers as my indispensable webmaster will stop by. Ivan, a young apostate who has lots of objections to my views on metaethics will be here to defend moral nihilism. George Waye, who runs the blog Misplaced Grace and has been commenting at Camels With Hammers since the early days is going to come by. Mary the Catholic graduate student who used to be a mainstay of the comments section and with whom I debated anti-contraception laws will be back. Marta Layton, a Fordham graduate student in philosophy and progressive Christian who writes many thoughtful retorts to Camels With Hammers posts will finally get some answers from me to all her objections.

And I have two friends born in Islamic countries who will shed insight into Islam from their personal experiences with the religion. How much I can say about who they are and where they are will be up to them for depressingly obvious reasons. But they are fascinating people with fascinating experiences that I have always wanted to get them to share on this blog.

Secular Student Alliance rock star JT Eberhard and Harvard Humanist rock star James Croft have also said yes but we have not yet worked out times. Plus I have a scholar on the subject of Islam who may just sign up too. Again, I am not sure in his case either whether he will be identified by name if he shows up.

So, it is going to be a really fun and crazy day here at Camels With Hammers as I chat with my friends and post the conversations online for you to read. There are still some others I’ve reached out to that I hope to hear from. And, again, if YOU are a big time atheist, or a scholar with a unique vantage point on religion, atheism, or philosophy, or somebody with a book to sell, or a believer who would like to mix it up with me, or are just another academic philosopher or long lost personal friend of mine, and you would like to join me in conversation for three hours sometime on Thursday June 14, 2012 or especially if you are available for the hard lonely hours late in the blogathon—from Friday June 15, 2012 midnight EST to 7am EST—then, then PLEASE don’t be shy! Send me an e-mail and let me know you would like to join my Secular Student Alliance Week blogathon and help it become entirely an interviewthon!

And remember if you are a big time atheist and you are wondering why I have not yet asked you to join the blogathon, it’s because I’m shy, not because I wouldn’t love to hear from you!

In the meantime, remember to follow and support the blogathons happening all week, starting today all day at Skeptic Freethought and What Would JT Do, and running all day and overnight at Biodork.

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