Paul Ryan’s Awful Giraffe (and a brief blog update)

Paul Ryan’s Awful Giraffe (and a brief blog update) August 15, 2012

Among the many people I had the good fortune of getting to hang out with at CONvergence was the amusing and philosophically capable Joshua Preston, who asks all the famous people he meets to draw him a giraffe. This was the giraffe Paul Ryan, who is Mitt Romney’s new running mate, drew:

What does it tell us about the Congressman??

See the giraffes of John Hodgman, Paul Provenza, Laurence Krauss, Dan Rather, Philip Glass, Al Franken, PZ Myers, Chris Stedman, Gene Larkin, Michio Kaku, RT Rybak, Jen McCreight and more by perusing the blog Pretty Awful Giraffes.

Oh yes–and sorry for the reduced posting this last month and a half. I have an expression I coin and like to use–“an empty blog is a sign of a full life”. I have been on the road most of the summer (to Minnesota, Massachusetts, Florida, and Chicago), spending time with a lot of great people, and the last week have been mostly immersed in getting certified as a philosophical counselor and in plotting out a philosophical counseling business.

I will start making Camels With Hammers a daily priority again tonight.

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