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Recommended Posts August 22, 2012

The substantive writing I do at Camels With Hammers tends to be more about ideas than current events and so many of my older posts are just as relevant (or irrelevant) and valuable (or invaluable) as the day I wrote them. In the right hand column, below the ads and the FTB blogroll and my “about me” box and the recent posts/comments box, you will find numerous boxes featuring the majority of my substantive philosophical pieces and my polemics. They are arranged by topics.

Before yesterday, those boxes had not been updated since early last September (when my web guy Dave got engaged) so they did not reflect the most current year’s worth of thinking and writing. And even the boxes that were there were unsatisfyingly arranged and labeled in many cases.

So, the other night I got Dave to teach me how to create the boxes myself and I have lovingly crafted dozens of them, filled with hundreds of hopefully well selected posts grouped pretty accurately according to related themes. You can now easily search for my opinions on dozens of specific topics by just simply scanning through that list of titles or even clicking Control-F or Command-F for key important words, likely to come up in post titles or box headings. In the future, I will also add boxes with posts by Eric Steinhart for those interested in non-theistic metaphysics and naturalistic non-Abrahamic religion.

Finally, for those new to the site or overwhelmed by the relatively huge table of contents that the boxes represent, I have made the top two boxes particularly friendly. The first one contains posts which summarize a wide range of my views on central topics. The second box contains 20 posts which argue for and explicate my overall philosophy in key ways. That box is not entirely perfect. I expect to keep tinkering with it. But if you read every one of those 20 posts, I think you are going to find a lot of the rest of what I write far more understandable and (hopefully) plausible. I chose many of these posts because I find myself recommending them to others constantly and they say things that I don’t hear everyone else saying (or saying enough). I also chose posts which flesh out issues not adequately covered already in the summary posts in the box with “overview” posts.

So, although I am sure I will frequently be tinkering with this list (possibly by the end of this very hour!) here are the posts I am for now designating as the “25 Key Posts”:

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