David Byrne & St. Vincent’s New Album

David Byrne & St. Vincent’s New Album September 11, 2012

What a dream collaboration!

Their album Love This Giant is out today! Here is a little video they made about the album for The Daily Beast:

I am going to see them when they come to New York in two and a half weeks! I saw her at Pitchfork’s music festival in 2010 and she was amazing. I am really glad to learn the show will feature some of her solo stuff. And David Byrne’s collaboration with Brian Eno Everything That Happens Will Happen Today is a really special album to me as I wrote about in my post on my atheistic “spirituality”/”religiosity”, I hope he plays some of it:

I rely on music enormously to express my feelings or to sustain me with pleasure during a long, hard day. I love small, temporary habits…[l]ike always eating at the same deli on Thursday nights while watching the same thing on the TV, listening to my i-pod, and reading Andrew Sullivan’s blog—that was one semester at about 4pm while I prepared to teach at 7.  I love building in those little rituals.

My favorite was, for several semesters, coming home from the city, whether I had taught in Queens or New Jersey that day or just in Manhattan, I would travel back to the Bronx on the school van and every night I would listen to David Byrne and Brian Eno’s albumEverything That Happens Will Happen Today. And they say they wrote it as “secular gospel music” and boy does it work for me on that score. It was this meditative stuff, I would always start with the title track and I love the thought—everything that happens will happen today.   Somewhere someone is going through everything and experiencing everything that ever happens.

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I would also go nuts to hear some great Talking Heads songs live too.

But even if all they play is this funky new stuff they made together, I guess I can live with that too.

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