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Philosophy For Children September 17, 2012

A short video on the value of teaching philosophy to children:

The lack of philosophical education prior to the university level is one of the great overlooked gaps in the American education system.

Kylie Sturgess has an article on her experience related to the philosophical education of children. She also links to an audio program on the subject. Here’s an excerpt from that transcript, in which children discuss the meaning of life with a fair amount of awareness, sensitivity, and thoughtfulness:

Girl: If you die young, I heard a story about a girl, they were drinking, and she was only 16. She fell off a cliff because she slipped, and people said at the ceremony, you know, if someone dies of old age at least you can celebrate their life, and it is true, but if you’re so young and you die, you just have nothing to celebrate. So I think if you die young, there’s like no meaning, because you couldn’t do what you could have done.

Dan Smith: God forbid if you were to die now, you’re saying your life has no meaning, as compared to someone who dies when they’re older?

Girl: I mean my life would have meaning because you could celebrate my 12 years being around, but it’s just not a long enough time.

Dan Smith: Let’s just say hypothetically if I was to bring someone in here, a parent who’d lost a child at say when they 7 years old, I think you would have a really hard time convincing that parent that their child’s life was any less meaningful than somebody who lived 80 years. Maybe someone would like to comment on that.

Boy: I seriously disagree with Grace and I build on Mariana’s idea because like say for instance a 20-year-old from an army actually saves a world being desecrated by a nuclear bomb, seriously that would be a pretty meaningful life, and just saying that a person that’s young is not meaningful if their age is less, is actually pretty – very disrespectful actually.

Boy: I’m going to agree with Leslie and disagree with – I mean agree with Leslie’s idea and disagree with Grace’s idea. I reckon if you die when you’re young, I reckon your life is as meaningful as a person who has died of old age. Like you must have done something in your time, like I guess say your point would relate to probably, I don’t know, a baby coming out and not making it, but yes, because nothing’s really happened there.

Dan Smith: Do you think that’s any different?

Boy: I think it is a bit different.

Dan Smith: Aren’t our lives significant in the fact that they touch other people’s lives? So by even if a small child dies, I believe that their life is still significant because of the impact they’ve made on someone else’s life. Is it all about us? Do we only lead a meaningful life, I mean Lucy was touching on helping others and giving other people’s lives meaning as well, but are our lives only significant because of us?

Boy: Well I wasn’t actually saying if you die as a baby like you have no meaning, that your life has no meaning, but it’ll have a bit, it’s just I think there is a bit of a difference because you haven’t lived for a very long time like us or you or someone who died of old age.

Girl: One of my friends, really close friends’ Dad died at the beginning of this year, and he didn’t, like he was in a band, and no-one would know him, and like he could walk into this room and no-one would see anything really special about him, but for me and all the other people around him, he’s important for me because he made me happy. And I don’t really think it really matters to anyone else, you know, what you think is meaningful because he was important to me.

Boy: Well going back to what Gianni said, I’d just like to disagree with the idea about the baby’s born and it dies, because it’s sort of when say the Mum found out about the baby, it might have brought joy to her life.

Dan Smith: I think it’s really important to pick up too here, everyone’s put up that we only measure meaningful life when we’re not here any more.

Read or listen to the entire program from which this excerpt comes.

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