What Is Physics?

What Is Physics? October 25, 2012

Padawan Physicist, the blogger behind a newly created blog called Leukhtam, is a physics graduate student with a strong interest in philosophy. He has been reliably supportive of Camels With Hammers over the years (and even appeared for the second half of the first episode of The Camels With Hammers Show, though he barely spoke). Over time he has become one of my favorite Facebook friends. I am really excited that he has taken up the task of delving into the nature of physics and its relevance to atheists. In his inaugural post he defines physics and what its three basic jobs are. In his follow up post, of special interest to  Schrödinger fans, he gives a  State of the Cat address.

Check it all out and bookmark his blog. I expect it to be an invaluable contribution to the atheist blogosphere.

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