Oklahoma Atheists Interview Me About Why Philosophy and Civility Matter

Oklahoma Atheists Interview Me About Why Philosophy and Civility Matter February 25, 2013

I apologize for my slow rate of posting, especially as many blogs and commenters are doing the courtesy of offering their insights and criticisms related to the civility pledge. I hope to address more of what’s being said and clarify some of the most pressing points I don’t think I have yet addressed. I also plan to resume blogging about other topics besides civility too. Yesterday I moved apartments for the second time in three weeks. I think I’m settled for a while now but it was a stressful, exhausting three weeks in an uncomfortable living situation. It’s been 3 months total spent with anxiety and uncertainty about where I would be living and anxieties about all the financial concerns related to moving. This has combined with the demands of my 7 day work week spent at numerous jobs to make for an unstable situation in which to write or moderate the blog as quickly as I’d like. I appreciate everyone’s patience in the meantime.

The good news is that I’m settled in a new place and already feeling relieved and much happier. Hopefully this time should have regular writing time again soon. And in the meantime I was able to find an hour and twenty minutes to record a two part interview with the Oklahoma Atheists’ godcast. The beginning of part 1 of the interview briefly addresses the origins of the name of this blog. Then we talk about how I think philosophy is relevant and important. Finally we end part 1 and spend all of part 2 discussing civility and many of the most common objections I’ve received to the Camels With Hammers Civility Pledge. Take a listen and respond in the comments! My interviewers were generally very supportive of me. If you are a podcaster who would rather see me put on a hotter seat, contact me, I’d love to talk to you too. And, you know, I’ll talk to other friendly people too. I’ll talk to anyone. I love to talk.

Interview Part 1
Interview Part 2

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All of my podcast appearances and video appearances are collected on this page if you are interested in more.

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