Atheist Tornado Survivor Has A Request

Atheist Tornado Survivor Has A Request June 2, 2013

Rebecca Vitsmun is the atheist who spread the Good News of Atheism to Wolf Blitzer after her house was demolished by a tornado. Atheists have rallied to her family’s side by donating a heart lifting $112,302 already for her. But no money in the world is going to change the fact that some of her neighbors, ones she knows personally and others she doesn’t, have died. And our donating to only one person is not going to alleviate the suffering of many others.

So tonight Rebecca put up a request that we turn our attention to another family. Here’s their heartrending story, in case you’re inclined to donate:

Last night, May 31st, 3012 a massive tornado ripped through our town of El Reno. My home was devastated and flooded. We’ve lost most of our belongings and pretty much all of my son’s. He’s an amazing autistic 2 year old who gives me a reason to fight every day. I’m very very sick, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, Degenerative Disc Disease, Spinal Stenosis, and Fibromyalgia. I am also a uterine/ovarian cancer survivor. I had a total hysterectomy last summer at the age of 23. So I wasn’t working and my husband is so we have no savings, we have nothing to fall back on.

I have no money for food, or diapers, or to even think about replacing the furniture and items we’ve lost due to this storm. My dogs are missing and possibly dead. I have 2 ferrets and 3 cats that just lost all their food. We are suffering greatly. My medications were also lost in the storm and I cannot afford to have them replaced. Including my pain medication that allows me to get through each and every day.

We have nothing, we don’t really hav anyone to call to get help from, and FEMA can’t help us. We did have homeowner’s insurance, but because a majority of the damage was from the flooding, and we didn’t have flood insurance, they won’t help us either. So I’m asking anyone who can to please help us.

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