Adjunct Exploitation, An Infographic

Adjunct Exploitation, An Infographic August 25, 2013

A handy infographic about the kinds of infuriatingly unjust predicaments that many professors, including me, find ourselves in:

A year ago, I talked about my own plight as an underpaid, overworked, and under-appreciated adjunct professor. In the last year, I have taken to developing my own, relatively cheap, online classes that anyone can take using Google’s free and simple to use video conferencing technology. You can fill out this survey and I will build a class around your interests and availability. I am also now taking philosophical counseling clients. To learn more about these businesses, listen to the podcast interview I gave this past spring to the Unemployed Philosopher’s Blog.

And if you just ever are inclined to express gratitude for Camels With Hammers, feel free to donate to me anything you can afford. You can use Paypal; my account can be found using the e-mail address Anyone who makes a $100 donation can pick a topic for me to write about among things I am knowledgable about.

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  • Braintruste

    Yea, I have come to the same conclusion: anyone that teaches as an “adjunct”, well they should worry about our intelligence because it is a form of insanity. After suffering through this semester, I am done forever and am going to offer classes independently through my own educational business. I hear they are making progress with training monkeys to teach Comp 101 and all they have to pay them is a few bananas. “Anything to keep the lie going” say the well-paid comfortable college administrators.